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As our loved ones get older, they have much more specific dietary and nutritional requirements. When they are under the care of a nursing home, it is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that those requirements are met. Any failure in that responsibility can result in a broad range of serious health problems over time.

At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we work in association with an experienced Houston dehydration attorney, Paul Ash, who is committed to seeing that negligent nursing home staff members are held accountable. We have a complete understanding of the law with regard to the standard of care required of nursing homes, and we know what action to take when that standard is not met.

Texas Lawyers Representing Victims of Malnourishment and Dehydration

Malnourishment and dehydration can open the door to other health problems, including susceptibility to viruses, pressure ulcers, fractures and many others. The most distressing thing about these cases is that they should never happen. If people would simply follow special dietary instructions and listen to resident requests, the vast majority of these cases would not occur.

When you hire our firm, we will take the time to conduct a full investigation. We will look into any previous infractions and gather any other information that could help us build a stronger case on your behalf. We will identify all negligent parties and seek full compensation from all of them. You can count on us to pursue every available option in an effort to reach the most favorable possible outcome available in your case.

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