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Grand Jury Proceedings

Grand Jury Proceedings in Houston, TX

Are You Facing an Indictment our Attorneys can Help — Houston, Galveston, League City, Texas

Do you suspect that you are currently under investigation? Do you believe that you might soon be facing a criminal indictment? If so, it is imperative that you consult with a skilled Texas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Whether you could potentially be on the hook for fraud charges, business theft, insider trading or any other federal crime, you need to take action. All grand jury proceedings should be handled proactively. We will help you take control of your situation.

At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we are committed to representing defendants throughout Southeast Texas. Our lead attorney Tad Nelson, is a former Galveston County assistant district attorney who has a distinguished record of winning complex cases before grand juries in federal courts. Grand jury proceedings can be very complex and can have a serious impact on your rights. Contact our team today for immediate assistance.

What is a Grand Jury?

A grand jury is a body that is granted the authority to oversee the early stages criminal proceedings for the purposes of investigating potential unlawful conduct. It is the grand jury’s role to assess the case and determine whether or not the prosecution has sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges at all. To be clear, when the grand jury indicts a person, it does not necessarily mean that this person is believed to be guilty. Instead, it simply means that enough evidence exists to raise a serious suspicion of guilt and to proceed with a criminal case.

If you are facing a grand jury in Texas, you need to be represented by a top-rated Houston criminal defense lawyer. Simply put, one of the single biggest mistakes that criminal defendants make is waiting too long to seek professional legal assistance. If prosecutors are considering seeking an indictment, you need to have a qualified lawyer by your side.

We Will Help You Face the Grand Jury

If you are facing a grand jury, our team will help present your case, attempting to avoid any criminal indictment. Certainly, the best scenario is to keep you from being charged in the first place. Of course, this is not always possible. If you are indicted, we will be able to hit the ground running, aggressively defending the charges against you and looking for the best possible way to protect your legal rights. Some types of cases that we most often handle before grand juries are as follows:

Are You Facing a Grand Jury in Houston, Texas?

We can help. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we have extensive experience handling Texas grand jury proceedings. With your rights and reputation on the line, you need to act fast. Our founder and lead attorney Tad Nelson is a Texas Board-Certified defense specialist who can protect you. To get legal help now, please call our Houston office at (281) 280-0100 or email us through our website.