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New report: high number of exonerations in Texas, Dallas in particular

Texas Man Convicted in Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Three Beers for $15,000? The Cost Of A Texas DWI Conviction

Inappropriate Teacher-Student Communication Online

Jury considered charges against 5 others

County treasurer guilty of Class C misdemeanor

DWI could cost $15,000 or more, attorneys say

Jury: Man not guilty of Mardi Gras bead battery

Register as a Sex Offender for a Non-Sex Crime Conviction?

DWI ‘No Refusal’ Checkpoints Throughout South Texas

Thousands of Rape Kits Go Untested in Houston, TX and the U.S.

The Impact of New Guidelines for Sex Offender Registries

Deferred Adjudication for First-Time Drunk Drivers in Texas?

GPS Monitoring Program for Dangerous Sex Offenders

Deaf Man’s Exoneration Illustrates Post-Conviction Relief in Texas

DWI Offenders May Get Relief From Huge Fines

Expunging Criminal Records in Texas

“Shocking” DWI Offenders in Texas

Juveniles No Longer Eligible for Life Without Parole?

DNA Talks

Texas May Change DWI Laws

Texas Department of Public Safety Releases Most Wanted Sex Offender List

When Questioned By Police (And With No Attorney), Some Falsely Confess

Despite Notices, Harris County Will Not Prevent Vehicle Registration for Unpaid Red Light Camera Fines

Unreliable Evidence Casts Pall Over Texas Criminal Justice System

Supreme Court to Rule on Sex Offender Detainment

Intimate Partner Strangulation Now a Felony in Texas

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