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Appeals Process

Houston, Texas Appeals Process

Skilled Houston and Galveston Appellate Lawyer

Not just any attorney can successfully represent an individual at the appellate court level. Competent appeals court representation requires an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge regarding criminal appellate law. This includes the ability to conduct serious research and analysis of a case and court records.

If you are interested in pursuing an appeal, start your inquiry at Tad Nelson & Associates. All of our attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled in appeals representation. We can review your case and discuss with you how we can move forward in appealing your criminal conviction.

Tad Nelson is a Board-Certified* Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas

Attorney Tad Nelson is a board-certified criminal defense attorney in Texas. He and his team of experienced Houston appeals lawyers can aggressively and effectively defend you in all post-trial matters, including appeals of criminal convictions.

For driven and results-oriented criminal appeals representation, contact us at Tad Nelson & Associates. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled Galveston appellate lawyers.

Post-trial matters our firm assists with include:

  • Direct appeal — An appeal made directly to the state or federal court of appeals or higher court from a trial court.
  • Writs of habeas corpus — A judicial mandate ordering a prisoner to appear before a judge to determine if he or she is lawfully imprisoned. If it is determined that the prisoner’s constitutional rights have been violated in relation to his or her imprisonment, the court may order his or her release.
  • Motions for new trial — A formal legal request to overturn a court’s decision or jury verdict so a new trial can be held.
  • Motions to vacate — A formal legal request made to a court to remove or withdraw a previous judgment or verdict.
  • Forfeiture proceedings — In certain criminal cases, an individual’s property or possessions may be seized to aid in investigation. Asset forfeiture is common in drug-related cases.
  • Post-sentencing motions — If an individual believes that something went wrong during his or her trial resulting in an unfair sentence, he or she can file a post-sentencing motion. A post-sentencing motion must be filed within 10 days of the sentencing.

There are many grounds for an appeal, including improper/erroneous jury instructions, improper admission of evidence and ineffective assistance of counsel. Our attorneys have exceptional advocacy and writing skills that are necessary to effectively argue your case. Talk to us today to commence your appeals process.

For Criminal Appeals Representation, Contact Tad Nelson & Associates

If you require criminal appellate court representation in Texas, seek the help of an experienced Houston appeals attorney at Tad Nelson & Associates. Contact us online or call us at (281) 280-0100The sooner you seek legal representation, the better your chances of a successful appeal.