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League City Criminal Defense Lawyer

League City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Board-Certified Specialist in Criminal Law for League City Defendants

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The police and prosecutors in League City are very busy. Crime never slows down, and prosecutors make the front-page of the newspaper whenever they bring charges in a high-profile case. But for the typical person, the days following an arrest are confusing. They have no idea what to do or who to call. And they can’t get answers to any of their questions, like when they can finally go home.

Now is the time to contact our League City criminal defense attorneys. Tad Nelson has helped many people like you navigate the Texas criminal justice system. Based on his years of practice, he knows how to defend a criminal case the right way. Make no mistake: these cases are often winnable. Many defendants are wrongly charged or over-charged with more serious crimes than the facts support.

If you contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today, we can immediately begin representing you. There is nobody in the criminal justice system—in state and federal court, not the judge, not the prosecutor—who has your back like your own attorney does. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We Defend Drunk Driving Charges in League City

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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common criminal offense, with dozens of defendants appearing before a League City judge every day of the week. Tad Nelson has handled every type of DWI case imaginable and knows these cases inside and out. Just a few of the articles his firm has produced on this subject include:

Whether this is your first DWI charge or subsequent one, you need an attorney in your corner. A conviction brings all sorts of problems, including a license suspension, increased fees, and inflated insurance costs. Don’t give up without a fight.

We Defend Serious Felonies in League City

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A felony is the most serious criminal charge in Texas. Any felony charge could result in time in jail and a big fine. Felons also run the risk of losing certain civil rights, like the ability to vote or possess a firearm.

Tad Nelson and his team can defend anyone accused of a felony, such as:

There is no reason to wait before reaching out to an attorney. State and Federal Government Prosecutors give suspected felons very few breaks, but we can home in on the weaknesses in the state’s case if given enough time.

We Defend Sex Crimes in League City

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A single allegation of a sex crime is enough to ruin a person’s reputation. Fighting back aggressively is really the only option. Many of these cases rest on weak evidence, so it is possible to get charges dismissed while defending your good name. Tad Nelson and his team have defended people accused of:

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Never voluntarily turn over your computer or your phone. Instead, make the police get a search warrant and work for their evidence.

We Defend Against White Collar Crimes in League City

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Although white collar crimes don’t get a lot of attention, any conviction is serious. A white collar crime typically is one committed for financial gain. Increasingly, prosecutors enjoy bragging about their white-collar crime convictions for things like:

Many dollar bills with handcuffs. Crime and economic crime

Although these aren’t violent offenses, penalties are steep. Business executives and other upstanding members of the community can be ruined by an allegation of white collar crime. Defend yourself vigorously.

We Defend a Broad Array of League City Crimes

Our experience is so deep and broad we can help anyone accused of virtually any crime in League City. We have helped people accused of:

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Although some of these are misdemeanor offenses, any conviction warrants a bold defense. It is possible to face time in jail, community supervision, and a restraining order. We help you gain a better understanding of the law and how we can defend you.

Experience Matters

Tad Nelson knows that League City criminal defense charges don’t require a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, he brings his experience to bear when reviewing all evidence in a case. His firm doesn’t raise a defense unless it’s supported by the evidence. What works in one case might not work in yours—and vice versa.

Some common defenses we raise include:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Unduly suggestive lineups and photo arrays
  • Coerced confessions
  • Failure to give Miranda warnings
  • Lack of knowledge you were committing a crime
  • Mistaken identity
  • Tampered physical evidence
  • Entrapment
  • Reasonable doubt

The prosecutor has the burden of convincing a jury you are guilty of an offense. Sometimes all we need to do is poke some holes in the state’s case and we can secure an acquittal. In many cases, however, it’s better to present a competing interpretation of events to counter the prosecutor’s evidence. We might even point the finger at the true criminal who isn’t even charged.

Contact Our League City Criminal Defense Attorney

Tad Nelson is in high demand, but he always has time to meet with someone accused of a crime in League City. A criminal conviction will impact your future in ways that are probably hard to imagine right now. As many convicts learn, however, their criminal record has a way of popping up years down the road.

Let us help. Our law firm offers free consultations to anyone accused or suspected of a crime. Call or send us an online message today.

FAQs about League City Criminal Defense Lawyers

What should I look for in a League City criminal attorney?

When shopping for a criminal defense attorney, experience matters more than anything. The criminal justice system is confusing, and an inexperienced criminal defense lawyer can easily feel overwhelmed. At Tad Nelson & Associates, we provide top quality legal representation at an affordable price. Our legal team stays on top of recent developments in criminal defense law, and we leverage this knowledge at all points in a case, from arraignment and bail hearings all the way up to trials and appeals. For example, we can often challenge the collection of evidence in League City, Texas. Police make many errors, and an experienced criminal defense attorney can ask the judge to suppress evidence, possibly winning your case in the process. When meeting with law firms, ask how much criminal defense they practice and hire a firm that demonstrates extensive criminal law history.

Can I just use the public defender?

You can. But they are often overwhelmed. The best criminal defense requires a detailed approach that looks at all evidence from all angles. Public defenders often juggle 50 or more cases, and some of the lawyers lack relevant experience. You will be lucky if an attorney spends more than a handful of hours on your case.

By hiring your own legal representation, you can ensure that you receive the type of defense you deserve. Our law office is available to discuss payment options so that you feel comfortable knowing that you can afford our services.

Am I going to jail if convicted?

It depends on the criminal charges and other factors, such as your criminal history. Every crime has a maximum sentence, and some have a minimum sentence. Under Texas Penal Code § 12.42, a defendant will have felony charges enhanced if they have been convicted of a prior first-, second-, or third-degree felony.

However, the prisons in Texas are crowded as is. For this reason, Texas makes probation a possibility for many defendants. With probation, you can stay in the community as you serve your sentence. Meet with an experienced League City criminal attorney to review.

Probation is most common with misdemeanors, but felony probation is also a possibility. A judge or jury might sentence you to straight probation for your entire sentence, or a judge could include probation as a portion of a felony sentence. Deferred adjudication is also a possibility for some crimes.

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, section 42A.054 places limits on a judge’s discretion to order probation. It is unavailable when someone is convicted of one on a list of crimes, such as sexual assault, indecency with a child, and murder, among other offenses.

Why shouldn’t I just plead guilty to League City criminal charges?

A conviction carries all sorts of collateral consequences that many people don’t think about. For example, if you are involved in a family law case like a child custody fight, then a conviction would work against you. Also, any conviction can show up later when you apply for a job or apartment. Many employers are steering clear of those with even misdemeanor convictions, and they can easily reject you because of your history.

Someone with a felony conviction can also lose important rights, such as gun rights. You need to think through these consequences before deciding that a guilty plea is the right criminal defense strategy.

Before pleading guilty, meet with our firm. Tad Nelson is one of the most experienced Texas criminal defense lawyers. He can find weaknesses in the state’s evidence that other lawyers can’t.

What’s the difference between federal and state crimes?

The only real difference is which government brings charges and prosecutes you. Many crimes are both state and federal, although the elements might differ slightly. Drug crimes and gun offenses are both state and federal offenses. A DWI can be federal when committed on federal property or a state crime when committed on a state road.

If you are charged in federal court, you certainly need the right legal team to represent you. Your legal counsel should have experience in the federal court system, which has different evidentiary rules and sentencing schemes.

Should I take a polygraph test?

Absolutely not. For one thing, these test results are not scientific and not admissible in a trial against you. However, some prosecutors like to use them to make charging decisions. Another risk is that you say something that is incriminating, even if you don’t outright admit guilt. Imagine if you accidentally slip up and say you saw the victim the morning of the crime. The state could use that statement against you if you go to court. There is no reason to answer any police questions without an attorney. Reach out to our law firm if you need legal representation.