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Other Crimes

At Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our experienced Houston, Texas criminal defense lawyer provides representation for those who are facing criminal charges or are otherwise involved in the criminal system. In addition to our main criminal practice areas, we also provide representation for the following crime types and criminal practice areas. Please call us today if you need help navigating the criminal law system and protecting your rights.

Other Criminal Cases We Handle

Criminal Mischief: Criminal mischief generally refers to the intentional destruction or tampering with the property of another. It is typically charged as a misdemeanor, but could be a state jail felony or first-, second-, or third-degree felony charge when the property damaged is highly valuable. 

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is taken seriously in Texas. If you have domestic violence charges alleged against you, you could have a restraining order issued against you, as well as be at risk of a fine, prison time, and other consequences. Domestic violence criminal charges often go hand-in-hand with civil consequences, too. 

Federal Crimes: There are a wide range of federal crimes that fall into this category. If you are facing charges for a federal crime, working with an attorney who is experienced in this area is surely in your best interests.

Hate Crimes: Hate crimes can vary but are simply defined as crimes committed that are motivated by race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds. Our firm can help protect your rights.

Human Trafficking: Not to be confused with smuggling, human trafficking is described by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas as “modern-day slavery” – the exploitation of men, women, and children…for profit or gain. This type of crime is very serious in our state and will result in severe penalties if a defendant is convicted.

Juvenile Offenses: Being part of the system as a juvenile–someone who is under the age of 18 years–can be a terrifying experience both for the youth and their parents. Juvenile crimes can have significant consequences on a young person’s life, including impairing their ability to get into college, secure certain jobs, and even finish their high school education. We provide aggressive, thoughtful, and compassionate representation for those who are facing juvenile offenses.  

Leaving the Scene of an Accident: Texas drivers are required to stop and exchange information when they are involved in a car accident. If you leave the scene of the accident before doing this, you’ve broken the law. 

Probation Violation: Probation is a privilege that comes with certain requirements and, if those requirements and stipulations are breached, probation can be revoked. If you are accused of violating your probation, our law firm can defend you and help you to navigate your options. 

Smuggling: Smuggling, under Texas penal code, refers to the smuggling of persons and is a major offense in our state. Smuggling is always charged as a felony offense – the degree of felony depends on the details of the crime and the extent of harm suffered by the victim. 

Subornation of Perjury:Perjury refers to making false statements under oath and can result in serious criminal charges. Call a lawyer if you’ve been charged with subornation of perjury. 

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