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It’s no secret that divorce can be tougher on the children involved than on either mom or dad.

At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we do our best to help people manage the divorce process while minimizing the trauma and potentially long-term damage that divorce can cause children to suffer at the same time. Our practice includes divorce, child custody and post-divorce modifications to custody and visitation agreements and covers Galveston County, Friendswood, the Galveston Bar area, and surrounding areas.

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Child Custody

Courts use a “best interest of the children” standard to resolve the question of child custody. Although a number of factors are taken into consideration, joint custody is generally favored with mom’s house being designated as the children’s primary residence. However, this type of arrangement is by no means the rule and where circumstances warrant, courts have shown no hesitancy to do what’s best for kids.


A standard visitation agreement will typically look something like this: dad will have the kids on essentially an every-other-weekend basis and also be able to take them out or have dinner with them every Wednesday night. This, however, is just an example and there are many possible solutions to the visitation issue.

Modifying a Child Custody or Visitation Agreement after Divorce

Circumstances, jobs, homes and a number of things can and do change after divorce. On occasion, these changes may affect existing child custody and visitation agreements. Attorney Tad Nelson can help you through the process of obtaining post-divorce modifications to these and similar agreements.

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