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Texas ranks second in terms of US population, so you probably expect that the number of arrests will be high. Still, statistics from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are shocking. Every year, almost 700,000 people are arrested by various divisions of law enforcement throughout the state. The charges include serious and violent crimes, as well as drug offenses, violations of weapons laws, and fraud. There are also thousands of arrests for misdemeanors and minor crimes as well. The circumstances for each defendant may be different, but all criminal charges carry harsh penalties. Penalties that could be reduced or dismissed with the help of our League City, TX. criminal defense lawyers.

Though it is clear that officials are diligent in apprehending suspects of all types of crimes, keep in mind that an arrest is not a conviction. There are numerous defenses that could lead to a dismissal, as well as many other strategies for fighting criminal charges. Our team at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates is committed to leveraging all options to ensure a favorable outcome. Please contact us to set up a consultation with our League City criminal defense attorney who will advise you on the relevant laws. You will benefit from reviewing your case with a talented legal counsel.

Other Criminal Matters Our Law Office Handles

We are strong team of criminal defense attorneys that are dedicated to defending clients in all criminal cases. That means you can trust us to handle all felonies such as sex crimes, misdemeanor cases, and all other criminal offenses. Our team will support you in connection with:

  • Domestic Violence: Crimes of violence against members of the family or household are serious, and these offenses are treated as assault or aggravated assault. An accuser can also get a restraining order through civil proceedings, even on an emergency basis where you do not get the opportunity to contest the allegations.
  • Criminal Mischief: The intentional destruction or tampering with someone else’s property is usually a misdemeanor, but the charges vary depending on the value. You could be charged with a serious felony when the property was costly.
  • Juvenile Offenses: Anyone under 18 years old is considered a minor, so any criminal acts proceed through the juvenile justice system. The point is rehabilitation rather than punishment, but there are consequences for the individual’s future.

We can also help with:

  • Federal crimes;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Hate crimes;
  • Probation violations;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Smuggling and human trafficking charges;
  • Perjury; and,
  • Many other criminal matters. 

Defenses in Criminal Cases

The exact defense strategy our experienced criminal defense attorney builds varies according to the offense, your history, surrounding circumstances, and many other factors. Some of the most common defenses in these types of legal issues include:

  • Fighting the Prosecutor’s Case: The government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt with respect to each element of a criminal case, and many offenses include numerous elements. Your objective is to point out weaknesses in the evidence and prevent the prosecution from meeting its burden. 
  • Defenses Related to Civil Rights: Police may be overzealous in their efforts to apprehend suspects, often violating constitutional protections. If officers conduct an unlawful search and seizure, all evidence stemming from the illegal acts is inadmissible in court. Without this evidence, the prosecutor may fail in proving guilt. 
  • Case-Specific Defenses: There are numerous crimes that carry their own defenses, so they may be applicable in your case. Examples include:
    • Self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property;
    • Lack of knowledge or intent;
    • Entrapment by government officials;
    • Insanity;
    • No actual or constructive possession in drugs or firearms cases;
    • Mistake; and,
    • Many more.

Additional Opportunities for Resolving Charges

It would be ideal to have a complete defense in every criminal offense case. Unfortunately, it is not always practical to get a full dismissal of the charges or acquittal at a criminal law trial. In some cases, you may consider other options that favor your interests. For instance:

  • When the evidence is weak or the charges involve minor, nonviolent crimes, you may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. You will be required to plead guilty, but the advantage is that you could get reduced charges and/or punishment. 
  • With some offenses, deferred adjudication may be available. This arrangement is similar to probation, and there are terms set by the court that you must meet. When you take advantage of this remedy, you are required to plead guilty. The charges are dropped if you comply with all requirements, but the implications are harsh if you violate them. You have already pled guilty, so the court will sentence you. 
  • Texas drug court is an option in some cases where the defendant has a substance abuse problem. The goal of the proceeding is to get the person treatment instead of jail time. However, the requirements for the program are strict and you will be tested frequently. Drug court may not be the right fit for everyone.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Supports Your Rights

Whether you are presenting defenses to the court or pursuing other options for resolving criminal charges, you need our legal services provided by our legal team. The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates will be at your side throughout the proceedings, including:

  • Arraignment, where you hear the formal charges, enter a plea, and make arrangements for bail;
  • Pretrial stages, which are often the best time to present certain defenses by motion;
  • Court hearings and appearances; and,
  • Your trial, where you fight the prosecution’s case and put on defenses. We will present evidence, witness testimony, and arguments to support your position.

Contact a League City Criminal Defense Attorney for Additional Details

Retaining knowledgeable legal representation is critical if you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, and getting help from an experienced lawyer is critical for other encounters with the criminal justice system. Our team at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates has extensive experience serving clients in a wide range of criminal matters, so please contact us to learn how we can help with your case. You can call (281) 962-7817 or go online to schedule a consultation with a Texas criminal defense attorney. If you or someone else you know is dealing with a family law issue, you can also contact us!