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League City Grand Jury Proceedings

League City Grand Jury Proceedings

Start Your Defense As Soon As Possible

Start Your Defense As Soon As Possible

Grand juries investigate possible crimes and frequently issue indictments when probable cause exists that a person committed one. A great deal of secrecy surrounds grand juries in Texas. Many people have no idea they are under criminal investigation, and an indictment strikes them like a lightning bolt out of the blue.

If you believe you are under investigation, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today. Our founder, Tad Nelson, is an experienced criminal defense attorney with deep experience as a prosecutor bringing cases before a grand jury. He can do everything to defend you from criminal charges issued by League City grand juries and represent you in court if prosecuted.

What Do Grand Juries Do?

Most people are familiar with “petit juries” which determine a defendant’s guilt during a trial. A grand jury is similar in that it is made up of ordinary citizens. However, the grand jury is tasked with determining whether there is probable cause that a crime was committed. The prosecutor presents evidence to the grand jury in the form of documents and witnesses.

If the grand jury finds probable cause exists that a person committed a crime, they can issue a written indictment. When a grand jury finds no probable cause, they enter what’s called a “no bill.”

With an indictment in hand, police can arrest you and bring you into court. You will be arraigned and have charges read against you. As you can see, grand juries help kick off the criminal prosecution of individuals.

What Makes the Grand Jury Process Different?

A grand jury is very secretive. For example:

  • The prosecutor is typically the only party that presents evidence to the grand jury. The suspect under investigation has only a limited ability to present their version of events, and in many cases has no ability to do so.
  • The prosecutor has no duty to present exculpatory evidence. For example, police performing an investigation might have uncovered an alibi witness. Or they could have found DNA evidence at the scene that doesn’t match the suspect. The prosecutor doesn’t have to tell the grand jury any of this.
  • Grand jury hearings are not public. They take place behind closed doors without a court reporter present.

Unsurprisingly, grand juries are slanted in favor of the prosecution. They really only hear one side of the story, so it’s no mystery why they adopt the prosecutor’s point of view. Indeed, if the state really wants to get an indictment, they usually can.

How Can a League City Defense Attorney Help with Grand Jury Proceedings?

The sooner you hire a criminal defense attorney, the better. We can take several actions which reduce the likelihood that you face an indictment.

For example, we can present any exculpatory evidence to the prosecutor. This might convince them to see the case differently. For example, you might have an airtight alibi—such as video evidence you weren’t at the crime scene in the night in question. If we make a strong showing to the prosecutor, they might not bring the case before the grand jury.

In some situations, defense counsel might be able to make a presentation to a grand jury. Often, the presentation is in writing. If this is an option, we strongly encourage you to hire a lawyer who can do this. It’s sometimes effective at swaying jurors not to issue an indictment.

In other situations, grand jurors can ask defense counsel questions. The attorney’s answers can go a long way to planting seeds of doubt in the minds of some jurors. Tad Nelson and his team are available to help anyone who needs defense representation before a League City grand jury.

If you are indicted, we can also immediately begin building your defense. In fact, if we know a grand jury is considering indicting you, we can begin collecting evidence before the jury issues the indictment. You benefit from more time dedicated to your case.

We have handled all sorts of criminal cases before a grand jury, involving crimes such as:

  • Embezzlement
  • Credit card fraud
  • Tax crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Ponzi schemes

If you have a question about whether our League City grand jury attorney can help, contact us.

Testifying Before a Grand Jury

You might be accused of participating in a crime along with other people. When this happens, the prosecutor sometimes gives a minor player in the conspiracy immunity in exchange for testifying against co-criminals.

For example, you might have helped rent a car for a group that used it to commit a bank robbery. Because you are not a major player, the state might let you off the hook if you testify. Or you could have sold a small amount of drugs and the state wants you to testify against the drug kingpin.

No one should testify in a grand jury for free. Instead, you can invoke your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. However, it might be a fair trade to swap your testimony in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

We can help you hammer out a deal for immunity. Tread carefully here. Not all immunity is the same. Sometimes, the immunity is only good for certain offenses, so if you admit to other crimes while testifying, you could face charges. Our goal is to get blanket immunity for you.

Contact Our League City Grand Jury Attorney Today

An indictment isn’t a conviction. There is still time to get to work to protect your liberty and hold the prosecutor to her burden of proof. Many people who are indicted go on to get charges dismissed or are acquitted of crimes.

For immediate assistance, contact our law firm today. Founder Tad Nelson is a Board-certified defense specialist with decades of experience with grand juries. Although the grand jury process is slanted in favor of the state, he can sometimes make the difference in whether a client is indicted. To learn more about your options, contact our law firm today to schedule a time to meet.