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Located in the heart of Harris County, Houston is one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we proud to support Houston. From our office in the northern part of the city, on Studewood Street, we provide criminal defense services to residents of Houston and the surrounding communities. To get the immediate, personalized legal attention that your case deserves, please do not hesitate to contact our Houston office today at (713) 802-1631.


Criminal Defense Services in Houston, TX

Sex Crimes

Our firm has extensive experience defending a wide variety of sex crimes charges. The consequences for being convicted of a sexual criminal offense in Texas are severe. If you have been arrested for a sex crime, you need to consult with a lawyer immediately.

DWI Defense

We provide aggressive representation to people in Houston who have been charged with intoxicated driving. If you were arrested for a DWI, we will review the case against you and determine exactly what needs to be done to best protect your interests.

Felony Offenses

We handle a variety of different types of serious felony charges. This includes everything from aggravated robbery and burglary to major drug trafficking charges and even homicide cases. If you or a loved one was arrested for a serious felony crime in the Houston area, call us today.

Misdemeanor Offenses

Our attorneys handle all types of misdemeanor offenses, from petty crimes to criminal mischief. Do not be fooled into thinking misdemeanor charges can be taken lightly; you need quality legal protection.

White Collar Crimes

We frequently defend individuals who are facing white collar criminal charges in Houston. If you have been arrested for a financial crime, or any other type of white collar offense, you need to take action. Contact our team today.

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