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Allegations of domestic violence are serious. No matter how small you believe an incident was, whether it involved spousal abuse, child abuse or child endangerment, there are legal options that the law provides. At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we can provide legal representation in both family law and criminal law contexts. Often in domestic violence matters, these two areas of the law overlap. That is why our attorneys are able to provide comprehensive, individualized and compassionate assistance to our domestic violence clients.

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Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Abuse can be both physical and emotional. If you feel threatened or have been involved in a physical altercation, we can help. Our attorneys will assist you by preparing and filing the petition you will need in order to obtain a protective order against your spouse. We find it especially important for clients to always remain cautious, even after an order has been filed. If there are children involved, you may need to modify a child custody agreement. We can also assist with such modifications to protect the best interests of your child.

Effective Criminal Defense for Allegations of Domestic Abuse

If you are facing false allegations of domestic abuse, including assault, sexual assault, child abuse, spousal abuse or child molestation, we can aggressively defend you. We have found that arguments can get heated and parties can make false allegations out of anger or fear. We are here to set the record straight by representing you thoroughly and effectively against all charges.

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