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Marital property division is one of divorce’s most complex issues. After all, how do you divide a life?

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we help spouses who want to resolve marital property division issues amicably and fairly, as well as those who are at odds with one another about who should get this, that or the other. In either case, protecting your best interests and achieving a fair outcome will be the priorities.

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Our Practice

Attorney Tad Nelson provides clients throughout the Galveston County area with strong and effective legal representation in all aspects of marital property division, including:

  • Division of retirement and investment accounts
  • Division of pension plans and other employee benefits
  • Business valuations
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)
  • Identifying and locating hidden assets

What Doesn’t Count as Community Property?

If you brought assets or property into the marriage (a home, an investment account, a business, etc.) they will not be considered community property. Likewise, if you received an inheritance, a bequest, or personal gifts during the marriage, those will also be considered yours and yours alone. Where this can become complicated is when assets are brought into the marriage, sold, and the proceeds become co-mingled in the “marriage pot.” The same scenario also applies to money received as part of an inheritance.

Our firm works with financial specialists and accountants to sort out these complex divorce issues and also to identify and locate any marital assets that have been hidden or not yet taken into consideration.

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