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League City Sexual Allegations Lawyer

League City Divorce: Sexual Allegations Lawyer

Sexual Allegations Lawyer Serving League City

Divorces can be complicated and contentious in League City even when the spouses are still on relatively amicable terms, and even when the parties have reached an agreement to co-parent their minor children after a divorce. As such, divorce cases can be significantly more difficult in circumstances where the spouses are no longer on speaking terms and where there is substantial animosity. In some cases, one or both of the spouses might even make false allegations against the other spouse in order to prevent the other spouse from sharing child custody or to gain other forms of leverage in the divorce case. Sometimes these false allegations can involve false sexual misconduct or sexual abuse allegations, which may also be known as domestic violence or family violence.

If you are planning for a divorce or you are in the early stages of your divorce case, it is critical to seek advice from a League City divorce sexual allegations attorney in order to find out more about defending against these allegations. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we have years of experience representing clients in divorce cases and defending clients against false allegations of sexual misconduct in a divorce. Our firm knows how devastating false allegations can be for you and your family, and we can begin working with you to develop a strategy for defending against these types of false allegations when your spouse has raised them in order to gain an advantage in your divorce.

You Could Face False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct in League City

It can be difficult to learn that your spouse has made false allegations against you concerning sexual misconduct or domestic violence, yet these kinds of false allegations and accusations happen more frequently than you might expect. Given that Texas courts take any allegations of family violence extremely seriously, even false accusations must be assessed in order to determine whether they should impact your family law case and whether criminal charges should be considered. 

Why do spouses make false allegations of sexual misconduct or domestic abuse in a divorce cae in League City? There are a range of reasons, such as:

  • Attempting to gain leverage in the divorce case;
  • Trying to obtain alimony in your divorce case;
  • Asking the court to divide community property unequally;
  • Seeking a sole conservatorship in a child custody case; and/or
  • Seeking to have your parental rights limited, including limited visitation.

When your spouse has accused you of domestic violence or sexual abuse, and you have concerns that your spouse has made these allegations in order to alter the outcome of your divorce case in their favor, it is essential to have a lawyer on your side. One of our experienced League City divorce attorneys can evaluate your case and can provide you with more information about methods for pushing back against false allegations of domestic violence or sexual misconduct. In some cases, your ex might even try to coach your child to reiterate some of the language that they have used concerning sexual violence or other related allegations against you. It will be critical to have an attorney on your side who has experience handling these types of cases and can take essential steps to prove that you are not guilty of these allegations. 

Attorney Tad Nelson is a former criminal prosecutor, and he understands the nuances and complications of divorce cases involving false allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse. Through methods that involve gathering additional physical evidence, using expert witnesses, and cross-examining witnesses in the divorce case, our firm will do everything we can to help you avoid the consequences associated with substantiated sexual abuse allegations in a family law matter.

Consequences of Sexual Misconduct or Abuse Allegations in a League City Divorce

False allegations can have far-reaching consequences, impacting your relationship with your children, the division of community property in your divorce case, your ability to continue working in a specific profession or holding a professional license, and even your ability to reside in certain areas. Indeed, false allegations of sexual misconduct during a divorce case can result in criminal charges, and you will need assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney in League City to defend against these charges. Under the Texas Family Code and other state laws, you could face some of the following consequences if your ex falsely accuses you of sexual violence or domestic abuse during your divorce:

  • Court will decide that you are responsible for paying alimony because of the existence of family violence;
  • Other parent will have a sole conservatorship as a result of abusive physical force or sexual violence, and your ability to play a role in your child’s upbringing can be extremely limited;
  • Professional consequences, such as the loss of a professional license or job if you face criminal charges for sexual misconduct or family violence; and
  • Limits on other civil rights if you face criminal charges and are convicted.

Contact a League City Divorce and Criminal Defense Lawyer Handling False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

When you are going through a divorce in League City and your spouse has already made false accusations against you of sexual abuse or domestic violence, or you have concerns that such false allegations could soon be made, it is essential to get in touch with a League City divorce and criminal defense attorney who can assist you with your case. 
At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we are accustomed to handling these types of cases, and we understand how critical it is to prove that the allegations you are facing are false. We know that the consequences of false sexual violence allegations in a divorce can be severe, and we know that the consequences can reach far beyond a family law matter. Accordingly, we will do everything we can to reveal that the allegations against you are false and that you should not face any adverse consequences because your spouse falsely accused you. Contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today online or call us at (281) 962-7817 for help.