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False Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Divorce — Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County

Domestic violence and child sexual abuse are two of the most sensitive issues that can be involved in a divorce. In Texas, these behaviors are not only considered to be criminal, but as fault grounds for divorce as well. Because of that, making a false allegation is sometimes perceived as a shortcut to better divorce terms, or simply as a way to take revenge for real or imagined harms done. Let us fight any false allegations of harassment, sexual misconduct and abuse by providing sound and fierce defense representation.

Defending Against False Harassment Accusations and False Allegations of Abuse

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we provide strong and aggressive defense representation to divorce clients who’ve been falsely accused of sexual misconduct by their spouses. If you live in Galveston County or the Houston metro area and are facing this type of situation, contact us and talk to our Houston false sexual allegations defense lawyer about what can be done to protect your rights and clear your good name today.

Proactive and Aggressive Defense Representation

Sometimes, taking an aggressive approach can be the best way to represent a client who is going through a divorce. In most cases, however, a “push, push, push” approach usually just ends in pushing too far. That said, when a false allegation has been made, an aggressive approach is absolutely essential. There is far too much at stake, especially when child custody and visitation agreements are disputed. If false allegations of sexual abuse are made, oftentimes children are manipulated into making false allegations. We are here to thoroughly investigate all facts and weed out all false claims.

With more than 17 years of experience — including several in the Galveston County district attorney’s office — Tad Nelson knows how to investigate claims like these and what to look for when false allegations are suspected. He is also highly skilled at cross-examining accusers to give his clients their best opportunity to see these charges exposed for what they are.

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