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Having your child arrested for a crime is devastating. In addition to their fears about the child’s future, parents face overwhelming immediate concerns. How do I get my child out of juvenile detention? What is the legal process? Will my child be treated as an adult? Tad Nelson of Tad Nelson & Associates in Galveston and League City, Texas, knows that parents need answers to these questions. His law firm is staffed to provide you with those answers, allowing you to take control of the situation and assist with your child’s defense.

Contact an experienced and caring juvenile criminal defense lawyer if your child has been charged with a crime. You do not want to trust your child’s future to an inexperienced attorney.

What are Juvenile Crimes?

Tad Nelson has been defending juveniles in both adult and family court for many years. While the language of family court, where juveniles are usually tried, differs from that used for adults, the criminal charges are the same. Tad Nelson has seen every sort of juvenile crime, including drug possession, underage drinking, sex crimes, and property crimes such as vandalism, and trespassing.

Consequences of Juvenile Charges

The consequences of a juvenile criminal charge are progressive. Once a child has been adjudicated as a delinquent (rather than being convicted in adult court) the penalties for subsequent crimes increase. You do not want your child to be raised in the justice system. That is why it is critical to have an experienced criminal defense attorney defending your child.

Tad Nelson works to develop reduced charges and alternative punishments, lessening the chance that your child will spend time in a detention facility, or face stiffer penalties for mistakes later in life. Contact Tad Nelson, a knowledgeable and caring juvenile crime lawyer. He helps parents face the stress of having a child charged with a crime.

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