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Being charged with a crime can carry serious consequences. This is true even when you are not facing felony, but instead misdemeanor, charges. Even misdemeanor charges, which rarely carry long incarceration periods or particularly hefty fines, can still damage your reputation, prevent you from being able to secure a job, and can put a significant pause on your future opportunities.

If you have been charged with theft in Houston, Galveston, or City League, you need an experienced Texas theft lawyer on your side. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we have just the attorney you’re looking for – Tad Nelson is a board-certified criminal trial law attorney, who has also served as a former district attorney and has years’ worth of experience behind him. Our law firm will review your charges, and immediately start building the strongest defense possible.

Defining Theft and Theft Penalties in Texas

There are a variety of different degrees of theft, and associated penalties, in Texas. According to Texas Penal Code Section 31.03, a person commits an act of theft when they “unlawfully appropriate” property while intending to deprive the rightful owner of the property of ownership. Unlawfully appropriate means to take property without the owner’s consent, or to appropriate property that one knows to have been stolen.

Theft is either a misdemeanor or a felony crime depending upon the value of the property taken, as well as the type of property. For example, crimes are Class A, B, or C misdemeanors when the value of property is less than $2,500, less than $750, or less than $100, respectively. The offense of theft becomes a state jail felony offense when the amount of property is valued at more than $2,500, or the property that is stolen is a firearm. Theft is charged as a first degree felony, the most serious of felony charges, when the amount of property stolen amounts to $300,000 or more.

Penalties for a theft conviction depend upon the class/degree of misdemeanor/felony. A class C misdemeanor may only be penalized by a small fine; a first degree felony can be penalized by a fine of $200,000 or/and an excruciatingly long period of incarceration.  

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If you haven’t had any legal trouble before, this could be a very new and frightening experience for you. At our law offices, we provide you with the support and answers you need so that you can feel as comfortable as is possible while moving through the criminal defense system. We work closely with you as your case unfolds, giving you honest answers and the information you need to make the best decisions about your case.

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