Texas Traffic Violations Attorney

Traffic Ticket Defense —
Harris County, Montgomery County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County

If you receive a traffic ticket, you need an experienced attorney who thoroughly knows the court procedures for handling traffic violations. The legal team at Tad Nelson & Associates has defended thousands of individuals cited for traffic violations. They know what to do. If you have received a traffic ticket for offenses such as speeding or reckless driving, contact an experienced Texas traffic violations defense attorney. Call (281) 280-0100.

Defending a Traffic Violation Charge

Tad Nelson works with the prosecuting authority to get you deferred adjudication or a dismissal. If this is not possible, they file an appeal bond with the JP or Municipal Court that will automatically move your case up to a County Court. Upon filing the appeal bond, it may take up to two weeks to process, and then it may take up to six months for the county court to schedule a court date for your case. Mr. Nelson and his legal team will then appear on your behalf to represent your interests. The goal is to receive either Deferred Adjudication or have your case dismissed. With either dismissal or a deferred sentence, you will not have the ticket reflected on your driving record.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

While waiting for a court date is time-consuming, it is important to fight traffic tickets charges to the fullest extent possible. Having a record of traffic violations can affect your insurance rates, result in a license suspension, or ALR (Administration License Removal) for up to two years if you receive subsequent tickets. Contact the Texas traffic ticket lawyer at Tad Nelson & Associates if you have received a traffic ticket for speeding or other moving violations. Trust your ability to drive to an experienced Texas traffic violations lawyer. Call (281) 280-0100.