Texas Counterfeiting Money Defense Attorney

Did you know the original purpose of the United States Secret Service was to enforce laws against the counterfeiting of American money? Our country takes the counterfeiting of money extremely seriously. If you are arrested for counterfeiting in Texas, you may face both state and federal criminal charges. It is imperative that you protected yourself.

At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, a Texas counterfeiting money defense lawyer is ready to work hard on your behalf, fighting to get you the best possible result. If you are facing counterfeiting money charges in Southeast Texas, please contact our team today for skilled legal advice and aggressive, high-quality legal representation.

Different Types of Counterfeiting Charges

You can be charged with ‘counterfeiting money’ in a wide variety of circumstances. Though, no matter the specifics of your situation, these charges are always extremely serious. Some of the most common examples of counterfeiting money charges that our  criminal defense lawyers have handled include:

  • Possession of counterfeit money;
  • Manufacturing of counterfeit money;
  • The trafficking of counterfeit money;
  • Conspiracy to possess, manufacture or traffic counterfeit money;
  • Possession of tools to produce counterfeit money; and
  • Forgery or forged checks.

How Our Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You

With today’s technology, counterfeiting schemes have become increasingly advanced and complex. In some ways, prosecutors struggle to understand the latest technological developments in counterfeiting. In some cases, this lack of understanding can result in Texas or federal prosecutors bringing counterfeiting charges that are not actually supported by the evidence.

For you to be convicted of counterfeiting, the prosecution must prove that you knowingly committed the act of counterfeiting money. If the prosecution cannot meet this high legal burden, the charges against you should be dropped. Our aggressive Houston criminal defense attorneys will review your case and fight against any charges in which the prosecutors cannot prove that you had the requisite intent to traffic, possess or use counterfeit money.

Beyond directly fighting counterfeiting charges, our team will also look opportunities to reduce your penalties. In some cases, the prosecutors may have sufficient evidence to prove the case. If that is so in your case, we will do everything in our power to properly represent your interests, in order to get you the best possible result. We know how to negotiate with prosecutors and work your case through the criminal justice system.  

Were You Charged With Counterfeiting Money in Southeast Texas?

Our legal team can help. At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we have extensive experience defending a wide array of white collar crimes, including counterfeiting cases. Our lead attorney Tad Nelson is a Board-Certified criminal defense specialist and a former Assistant District Attorney (ADA). He knows all sides of the criminal justice system. To set up a fully confidential review of your charges, please contact our team today. From our offices in Houston, League City and Galveston, we represent clients throughout the region.