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Temporary Orders

Galveston Temporary Orders Lawyer

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Soon after one party files for divorce, a court will issue temporary orders pertaining to child custody, financial support, the family residence and related matters. These interim orders will govern your life for many months and may have a bearing on the final outcome.

It is critical to be prepared for this court hearing to protect your interests and your relationship with your children, and to position yourself favorably for ongoing proceedings. The family law attorneys of Tad Nelson & Associates provide experienced and proactive counsel for this important stage of divorce.

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Temporary Orders for Custody and Support

The hearing for temporary orders is typically held within one to three weeks after divorce papers are filed. At the hearing, the judge may issues orders to establish:

  • Possession of the marital home, vehicles and other assets
  • Where your kids will live and a visitation schedule
  • Temporary child support
  • Temporary spousal support, if applicable
  • Responsibility for paying bills
  • Other relevant matters while your divorce is pending

The court usually follows the status quo in determining temporary custody (whichever parent has been the primary caregiver). Our role is to ensure that the judge considers your input regarding interim parenting schedules, duties and decision making. We also make sure that the court has accurate information regarding incomes and expenses, and you have access to accounts and important documents in these early stages, especially if you believe the spouse is hiding assets or manipulating information.

Getting It Right on the Front End

Temporary orders are not the final word, but they do have an impact on later contested proceedings and the final custody orders and property settlement. We encourage cooperation and long-range thinking over an adversarial approach to temporary orders, but we will vigorously stand up for your rights and best interests.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Interests: Galveston Temporary Orders Attorney

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