Houston Sex Crimes Lawyer

The aftermath of a sex crime charge is traumatic. Conviction of almost any level of sexual offense results in lifetime registration requirements, mandatory prison time, and permanent stigma. If you have been charged with a sexual offense, it is critical that you have an experienced trial lawyer to defend your rights and secure the best possible outcome for you.

Tad Nelson is an Experienced Sex Crime Defense Attorney

As a result of his many years of experience defending individuals charged with sex crimes, Tad Nelson believes that the best way to face a sex crime charge is to proceed to trial. Contact a highly experienced trial lawyer skilled at defending against sex offense charges. Call Tad Nelson at (281) 280-0100.

Tad has successfully defended individuals against almost any sex crime charge. Some of them are listed below.

Tad has defended adults, juveniles, men, and women, against sex crimes charges in Harris County, Montgomery County and Galveston County. He is well versed in all the latest information and research on sex crimes, attending a yearly child abuse resource seminar. He believes this ongoing education is central to his ability to defend individuals against sex crime accusations. Unlike other criminal charges, a sexual offense charge and everything that follows seems to automatically assume guilt. To fight this, contact an experienced Texas sex offense lawyer if you have been arrested for sex crime. Call (281) 280-0100 to speak with Tad Nelson.

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