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White Collar Criminal Defendants Have Unique Needs

Because white collar crimes are rarely violent, many defendants believe the Texas justice system will go easy on them. That is probably the wrong assumption. In our decades of experience, we realize that many white-collar defendants face an uphill climb. For this reason, you need a Houston criminal defense lawyer attuned to how prosecutors, jurors, and judges will treat you. Contact Tad Nelson today to speak with our legal team.

Prosecutors Might Make an Example of You

Many prosecutors like to garner favorable media coverage by throwing the book at some business executive. This helps them look like they are being tough on crime and willing to stick it to the wealthy in the process. It doesn’t matter if the facts don’t support all of the criminal charges. A long indictment plays well in the media.

In addition to multiple criminal charges, your case might also be front page news for weeks or months. Protecting your reputation in the event your charges are dismissed or you are acquitted is essential. You should find a criminal defense lawyer in Houston who understands how to handle the media.

Jurors Might Assume You Are Guilty

It can be a challenge for a white-collar defendant to get a fair trial. For one thing, many financial crimes are very complex, involving hundreds of transactions across dozens of financial institutions. Jurors’ eyes will glaze over at the detail, and they might convict you simply on the assumption that you would not be facing charges if you were innocent.

If you are a business executive, many people might assume you are guilty because they are angry at “corporate greed” or other intangible evils. It can be difficult to move jurors off their assumptions.

Jury selection is a critical stage if your case goes to trial. Keeping prejudiced jurors off your jury is the first step to winning a case. You should hire a lawyer with ample experience in a courtroom so that you get a fair shake from the jury.

Judges Might Sentence You Harshly

Judges are supposed to be impartial. Nonetheless, they can also harbor biases against white collar defendants. Many white-collar defendants have clean criminal histories, which should work in your favor in the event you are convicted. Nonetheless, we have seen many white-collar defendants receive the stiffest penalties possible—especially if their crime in any way victimized the elderly or another vulnerable group.

Attorneys Might Not Know How to Defend You

Evidence in a white collar case might be hard to find. At our firm, we often sift through countless emails and financial records to fully understand the state’s case. Defending someone accused of fraud or a Ponzi scheme is different from defending someone of a sex crime or homicide. Different evidence matters, and your lawyer should know how to find it.

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