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What Were the Most Common Houston Crimes in 2022?

The Houston Chronicle published an interesting article in December looking at the most common crimes in Houston for 2022. Crime continues to be a major concern for many people, and perceptions can impact anyone defending themselves from criminal charges. Interestingly, the most common crimes reported to the police were less violent offenses. Meanwhile, there has been good news regarding a decline in some of the most violent offenses. The legal team at Tad Nelson & Associates stays abreast of criminal statistics, because these often influence charging decisions made by Houston prosecutors.

Simple Assault

Under Texas law, assault consists of causing bodily harm to someone or threatening to cause imminent harm. Assault qualifies as “simple assault” when done without a deadly weapon. Think of two people engaging in a fist fight out in the street, or a Christmas shopper shoving someone out of the way to get the last stuffed toy. Simple assault can lead to injuries, although not serious ones.

This was the most common crime that the Houston Police Department responded to in 2020—at a little over 10% of all crimes.

Thefts from Motor Vehicles

Houston PD was also busy responding to calls of theft from vehicles. These cases represented a little under 10% of all cases HPD responded to.

Theft is one of those crimes which varies in severity depending on the value of the items stolen. It could be a Class C misdemeanor when the items are worth little or up to a felony for more expensive items. We imagine that most theft from a motor vehicle was for small amounts of money, so most crimes were misdemeanors.

Rape, Robbery, & Burglary

On a positive note, some crimes decreased in Houston in 2022. Among the most significant are rape, robbery, and burglary. There are probably some simple reasons police have fielded fewer calls related to these crimes.

One, many people are continuing to work from home as a consequence of the pandemic. With more people at home, there are fewer opportunities for burglars to break in—unless they want to run the risk of confronting a homeowner.

Similarly, robberies would logically go down if fewer people are out for work. That might also explain the decrease in rapes, if fewer potential victims are out at night.

Are Homicides Decreasing?

Houston got off to a fast start in 2022, leading large cities like Chicago and NYC in the number of homicides. However, by early December, the city has been on pace to see 10% fewer homicides in 2022 compared to 2021. That is certainly good news. Homicide cases dominate the headlines and drive perceptions among the public about the overall safety of a city.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

Tad Nelson is an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney. Whether you have been charged with theft, simple assault, rape, or homicide, you need the best attorney in your corner to fight back against the charges. Contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today to schedule a free consultation.