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Tips for Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges is an unsettling experience, but a League City criminal defense attorney can help. With the right lawyer beside you, it’s possible to get charges reduced or dismissed, or even seek a favorable plea bargain. A lawyer should also pinpoint weaknesses in the state’s case and seek an acquittal, if possible.

To get the most out of your attorney, there are certain steps you should take—and other steps to avoid. Below, Tad Nelson offers some ideas for how you can improve your relationship with legal counsel.

1. Contact a League City Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

One mistake criminal suspects make is to wait too long to talk with an attorney. The best defense is one based on a solid understanding of the facts of your case. Based on what the lawyer reads, he or she might also need to perform an investigation or talk to witnesses. All of this takes time. Of course, you should contact a lawyer whenever you read this. It’s never “too late” to hire a lawyer. But for the best possible outcome, you should reach out as soon as you are arrested or even before then, if you catch wind that you are a suspect.

2. Be Truthful with Your Lawyer

No one benefits when clients hide damaging or embarrassing information. The truth has a way of coming out in court, whether you want it to or not.

For example, imagine you got arrested for DWI. Your lawyer asks if this is your first arrest and you say “no” when, in fact, it’s your second arrest. You can be sure the prosecutor will let the judge know about your previous arrest. You don’t gain anything by hiding this fact from your lawyer.

There is nothing too shocking to share with your attorney. Here’s another example: you are charged with rape. You tell your lawyer you never had sex with the alleged victim. But guess what? Your DNA is found on her. Hiding this fact from your lawyer actually hurts you, because your lawyer could help explain why the DNA is there in the first place. He or she might argue the sex was consensual.

3. Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Your criminal defense lawyer wants what’s best for you. If he recommends staying off social media, you should do that. Likewise, don’t talk about your case with friends. Nothing good comes out of that. In particular, people will take what you told them, twist it all around, and then tell other people an altered version. Before you know it, dozens of people know an inaccurate version of the truth. Your lawyer has advice for how to avoid this headache.

Of course, some decisions are yours to make and yours only. Whether you testify at trial is your choice. Your lawyer can provide a recommendation based on their experience, and you should listen to them carefully. But whether to testify is ultimately up to you.

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