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Tad Nelson on Fox News: Craig Stebic Case

Tad Nelson on Fox News: The Craig Stebic Case

Tad Nelson on Fox News: The Craig Stebic Case

Will lack of evidence hurt chances of charging Craig Stebic in the unexplained disappearance of his wife, Lisa Stebic? Tad Nelson, Houston Criminal Attorney, interveiws with Fox News and comments on the case.

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Fox News: “Why wait so long? I mean, yeah, the guy does seem extremely suspicious, Tad. Why wait so long to name a person of interest? I mean, he’s not a suspect, technically, but everybody has pretty much suspected him of being a suspect.”

Tad Nelson: “Well i think they pretty much got painted into that corner. They were executing search warrants at the house, information was being leaked to the press, which was putting it out in the public about the blood on the tarp, but the other thing is…as far as the children, the Police talked to the children right after the disappearance. So, they’ve had their chance to talk to these children. The bottom line is, though, the father’s keeping the children away from talking again. The children have told them where the mother was. The only possible reason they would need to talk to the children a second time, is to start tying the father into this crime. So if they were just worried about the mother, that would be one thing. But, they’re now trying to make their case, build their case against the father. And that’s why he’s a little bit hesitant. His lawyer is giving him some good advice.”