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There are dozens of reasons why a once-happy couple may eventually make the decision to divorce. Regardless of the reason, though, if a couple makes a determination that divorce is the best thing for them, each party in the relationship will benefit from the services of a Rosenburg, TX divorce attorney. At the law offices of Tad Nelson, our Rosenburg, TX divorce lawyer is here to support you throughout the process. Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, our lawyer will advocate for you and help you to secure the best case outcome possible. Please contact our divorce lawyer to schedule a consultation. 

Resolving Issues in Your Rosenburg, TX Divorce

Resolving issues in your Rosenburg, TX divorce can be extremely challenging, especially if your relationship is to the point that you and your spouse can hardly stand to look at each other, let alone work together to find a solution to tough issues. That being said, you must resolve certain issues in your Rosenburg divorce before the court will grant the divorce. Issues that you must reach a settlement on include:

  • Child custody. Probably the most difficult issue in your divorce to reach an agreement on will be that of parental responsibilities and parenting time, more commonly referred to as child custody. In the state of Texas, courts will prioritize the best interests of the child in a child custody case – and you should too. You and your spouse will need to work together to form a parenting plan before your divorce can proceed.
  • Child support. Once a determination about child custody has been made, the next step will be making a decision about child support. The state of Texas relies on Texas child support guidelines – these guidelines are based on the number of children for whom support is being provided and the income of both parents. Talk to an attorney for assistance in navigating the guidelines.
  • Division of property and debts. One of the most complicated parts of getting a divorce is determining how property and assets will be divided. Texas is a community property state, and there is a presumption that all of the property held by either party in the marriage is marital property. If a spouse owns separate property–which means that the property was acquired prior to the marriage or by gift or inheritance–they will need to provide evidence of this. All marital property in the marriage is subject to division; separate property is not. Debts must also be divided amongst the parties in a manner that is equitable.
  • Spousal maintenance. Finally, for some couples, spousal maintenance may be part of the divorce settlement. Spousal maintenance is typically part of a divorce judgment when one spouse lacks the financial means to reasonably provide for their needs after a divorce. 

What Happens in a Contested Divorce in Rosenburg?

When you are seeking a divorce in Rosenberg, TX, how quick and easy your divorce is, as well as whether or not you have a cheap divorce or an expensive divorce, will depend in large part on whether your divorce is contested vs. uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, the party files for the divorce in agreement in regard to all of the issues listed above. In a contested divorce, however, one or more of the above issues is contested, and the couple will need to turn to litigation for a resolution, which means that a judge will ultimately make the decision about how the issue will be resolved. Litigation can be emotional, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Services Offered by a Rosenburg, TX Divorce Lawyer

If you’re seeking a divorce, working with a Rosenburg, TX divorce lawyer can be a huge benefit. A divorce attorney will:

  • Explain to you the various laws related to your divorce, including residency requirements, grounds for divorce, and how a court makes a determination about various issues in a divorce;
  • Gather all divorce paperwork for you and manage your divorce filing;
  • Represent you in gathering evidence, negotiating your divorce settlement, and settling your divorce;
  • Provide you with representation in-court if your divorce ends in litigation; and
  • Advocate for your best interests throughout the process.

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