Sex Offender Registry

What Crimes can Land Me on the Sex Offender Registry in Texas?

Following most criminal convictions in Texas, a person can start to rebuild their life after serving their sentence. Unfortunately, with sex crimes it is not that simple. All states, including Texas, require persons convicted of certain offenses to register as “sex offenders” with local law enforcement. Depending on the nature of the sex offense, a person may have to maintain an updated registration for the rest of his or her life, even if they are never charged with another crime.

If you are facing a criminal charge that could land you on the Texas sex offender registry, you need to take the matter seriously. An experienced Houston criminal defense attorney can ensure that police, prosecutors, and judges do not run roughshod over your rights in their zeal to show how tough they can be on accused sex offenders. The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates has successfully represented many people in the Houston, Galveston, and League City area who have been accused of sex crimes. We understand the gravity of the situation and will fight for you at trial.

What Crimes Can Land Me on the Sex Offender Registry?

Chapter 62 of the Texas Penal Code authorizes the state’s sex offender registry. By law a person with a “reportable conviction” must normally register as a condition of probation. Reportable convictions include, but are not limited to, the following offenses:

In addition to the Texas-based offenses for listed above, a person is also required to register as a sex offender if they have a reportable conviction from another jurisdiction–including under federal or military law–and subsequently decide to reside, work, or attend school in Texas.

A Sex Crimes Conviction Can Follow You for Life

Sex offenders must register with the local chief of police or sheriff where they live or work. The initial registration typically must be completed within seven days of the offender’s arrival. Thereafter, if the offender moves, he or she must update their registration with the appropriate local authority.

Most of the information provided to the sex offender registry is available to the public. This can make it next-to-impossible for a person to ever escape the consequences of a sex crimes conviction. Once again, this emphasizes the importance of preventing such a conviction in the first place. At the Law Office of Tad Nelson & Associates, we can help. If you have been accused of a sex crime or any other serious felony, call us today at (281) 280-0100  to schedule a consultation.