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Testimony to Begin in Case of Man Charged with Raping
By Scott E. Williams
Published February 1, 2005
GALVESTON, Texas – Testimony in the case of a man accused of sexually
assaulting his 8-year-old son could begin today.
Attorneys in the criminal trial of Peter Michael Reed started picking jurors for the
case Monday.
In 2002, a grand jury indicted Reed, 33, on one count of aggravated sexual
assault of a child and one count of sexual performance of a child after an
investigation by Chlidren’s Protective Services and Texas City police.
Reed’s ex-wife, the boy’s mother, alleged in a 1999 court hearing that her son
suffered repeated sexual abuse while visiting Reed.
However, that hearing resulted in a Florida family court judge increasing Reed’s
unsupervised visitation time with the child.
Aggravated sexual assault of a child carries a possible prison term of five to 99
years. Sexual performance by a child carries a possible prison term of two to 10
years. Each charge also carries a possible fine of up to $10,000.
In 1995, a Florida jury convicted Reed of physically abusing the same child, then
less than 4 months old.
The jury found Reed guilty of shaking the infant, an incident that resulted in
broken ribs, and later causing a head injury that resulted in a skull fracture.
Physician’s reports showed the injury caused seizures and minor permanent
brain damage.
Reed was sentenced to 42 months in prison, but a Florida judge changed the
sentence to probation and released Reed after four months.