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Best Taxi Services in Clear Lake, TX

Best Taxi Services in Clear Lake, TX

Best Taxi Services in Clear Lake, TX

As we approach the holiday season, The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates wants to remind everyone to please never drink and drive under any circumstance. Drunk driving fatalities spike during the holiday season and the Thanksgiving weekend can be the deadliest holiday for DUI’s. With so many alternatives to get home without driving, there are very little excuses to putting yourself and the lives of others in intoxicated hands. For your convenience, we have provided you with some of the best drunk driving alternatives in the Clear Lake area.


For obvious reasons, Uber is quickly becoming the go-to for public transportation. With the click of a button on the Uber app, a driver is sent to your location promptly and with your card information already registered, there is no payment process when you arrive at your destination, simply a rating of the service you received during your ride. Uber has recently gotten some backlash about the “surcharges” happening when demand is at a higher rate than normal, making fees go up. Uber recently implemented an update that allows you to “pro rate” your ride and basically reserve and uber at a certain time before the surcharge hits. So if you know you’ll be leaving the bars around 1, reserve and uber for that time with an estimated charge amount that will help you avoid those 2x charges at peak bar times downtown.

Fuqua Park & Ride

A park and ride option is a great alternative altogether to leaving your car downtown. By parking at one of the many locations provided by Fuqua, you can then hop onto the bus that will directly take you downtown, the Texas Medical Center and other major employment centers in the METRO service area. Parking is free to METRO riders at this location. This is a great option if you are planning to catch a cab home, but want to save half the fare by driving towards your destination at the beginning of the night.


A cliche option but a safe bet is the classic bus and rail system. Depending on which line you are using, buses arrive every 15-60 minutes to take you to your destination. If you aren’t a seasoned rider of the Metro, there are day passes and fare cards available to make travel easier and less expensive. With an easy to read map, and lines running up to 18 hrs a day 7 days a week, this is a great alternative to drinking and driving. With the local bus or METRORail, paying the fare with your METRO Q Fare Card, METRO Day Pass, or METRO Money, earns you free transfers in any direction for up to three hours. The light-rail network features 23 miles of fast and efficient light-rail service to some of the region’s most popular destinations.


An option that doesn’t often come to mind is the alternative to use AAA. If you’re a member, you can have them tow your car from downtown, relieving you the risk of being ticketed downtown. That is, if you live close to downtown, making the car tow basically free.

Classic Cabs

The best fail safe to avoid any drunk driving is to just hail a cab. Something that most people disregard now with all of the alternatives available via apps on your phone, a huge plus of cabs is their lack of surcharges making them usually a cheaper option as the bars shut down and Uber is wanting an arm and a leg to take you 2 miles. With endless options for cabs, you can either: hail one down, look for the taxi icon on the streets, call a cab company and request front-door pick-up, or go to the nearest hotel where there is always a line.