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Is Now the Right Time to Divorce?

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we meet with many men and women who are thinking about divorce. This is a big decision. Few people wake up one morning and decide, “I want to get divorced!” Instead, they only pull the trigger after mulling over it for months or possibly even years.

We strongly encourage anyone contemplating divorce to call our law firm. You can meet with a divorce lawyer in League City and Galveston to discuss your legal options. Divorce is a big step for anyone, and no one can make the choice for you. However, armed with helpful information about your legal rights, you can decide whether now is the right time to end your marriage.

Are You Convinced Your Marriage is Over?

This is probably the best rule of thumb: the time to get divorced is when you are firmly convinced you can’t save the marriage. People arrive at this conclusion at different points. For some, one episode of infidelity might be enough. For others, this “A ha!” moment arrives only after years of repeated reconciliations and disappointments.

Really, no one else can tell you when it’s time to get divorced. Some people stay in unhappy marriages for decades for complicated reasons. That’s their choice. However, it’s up to you to define your life’s trajectory. If you are convinced the marriage is over, then it is probably over.

Domestic Violence & Divorce

One reason people divorce is that they are at risk. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy reports that 20% of marriages experience domestic violence. Further, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 20 boys experience sexual abuse. Of course, not all abuse is committed by a parent, but some of it is.

The reality is we hear from many people who are in a tough spot and fear for their safety. We can help. In addition to filing for divorce, we can request a domestic violence protective order for you and your children. This is a court order from a judge telling your abuser to stay away from you and to avoid communication. We can also ask that your abuser be moved out of the house, in addition to requesting child custody and support.

The Problem with Staying together for the Kids

Many parents feel they should stick it out, at least until their children are out of the house. We hear this reasoning a lot. However, you should think carefully about this option:

  • The tension between you and your spouse will likely deepen if you stay married. Your children will definitely pick up on it, regardless of their age.
  • Your children might still be shocked, even if they are adults. We have heard of children in their 30s and 40s who are upset, typically because they view their parents’ marriage as a model for their own relationships. Don’t exaggerate how hard it will be for a teen to deal with marriage.
  • Your children might be at risk now. Are they being abused? It’s best not to delay taking legal action.
  • Custody is not the only stumbling block in divorce. Many couples will still struggle over other issues, like how to divide a small business or alimony. It’s a mistake to think divorce is easy once children reach adulthood.

We have worked with many parents of young children to seek divorce. If you are firmly convinced that the marriage is over, then staying together for the kids might be a bad option.

We Can Meet Confidentially

Those contemplating divorce usually have many questions. You might be curious about what community property you can walk away with after divorce, or whether you can request alimony. These are important issues to sort out before you decide it’s time to head to divorce court.

The good news is we can meet for a confidential session. We will not tell anyone you are meeting with us. You can get the information you need, in a low-stress environment, to help decide the best path forward.

Some people meet with us but decide to wait on filing for divorce. Others call us back up and decide they want to go ahead and hire us to handle their divorce petition. It’s your choice, and we support whichever decision you make.

Schedule a Confidential Appointment with Our Firm

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we believe in arming our clients with accurate legal information so they can make informed, sensible choices. If you want to meet, please call our firm today to schedule your appointment.