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Houston Road Rage Incident Leads to Felony Charges

Road rage is a serious problem on Texas highways. Drivers who are otherwise mild and friendly can become aggressive and angry behind the wheel. They might even commit a violent crime when their adrenaline gets pumping.

A recent KTVZ story highlights the problem. Jesus Martin Ruvalcaba followed a woman on the South Loop Freeway and even rammed her vehicle before pulling out a gun to confront her. He faces aggravated assault charges as a result. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous out of safety concerns, told her side of the story to the press.

Horrifying Ride on the Freeway

The woman was riding with her nine-year-old daughter a couple weeks ago when she realized that a vehicle was honking his horn non-stop. The woman was in the left-most lane but quickly switched to try and get away from the driver. Unfortunately, he continued to follow her for a couple miles, weaving in and out of traffic as he shadowed her.

Ultimately, the driver started rear-ending the woman’s vehicle several times. In horrifying detail, she described how he backed up before ramming her and backing up again. The woman called 911 seeking help from the authorities before eventually pulling off the freeway at the Braeswood Exit. Unfortunately, the defendant continued to follow her down S. Post Oak Road all the way to the Kroger parking lot.

When the woman stopped, the defendant pulled up beside her and exited his vehicle. Much to her alarm, he was holding a gun, which he cocked and pointed in her direction.

At this point, the woman hit the gas to get out of there. Fortunately, she also managed to get pictures of the man’s car, which police used to uncover Mr. Ruvalcaba’s identity as the gunman. The picture on his driver’s license also matched the picture in the woman’s photos.

Eight days after the incident, police arrested the defendant. He faces felony charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He also has two prior felony convictions, which can increase the penalties if he is found guilty of this offense.

Did You Let Anger Get the Better of You?

Anyone can fall victim to road rage and do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. At Tad Nelson Law, our Houston violent crimes attorneys don’t believe one mistake should result in years behind bars. For that reason, we are available to meet to discuss the incident.

Most road rage criminal charges are for assault, aggravated assault, reckless driving, or similar offenses. Instead of quickly admitting guilt, at least meet with an attorney to review whether you can bring a defense.

Often, police only hear one side of the story, and you could be exonerated when more facts come out. For example, you might have been taking defensive action to get away from another driver who was really the aggressor.

Give Us a Call to Schedule a Time to Talk

You can meet with a Houston criminal defense attorney to discuss the charges. Based on what you tell us, we will analyze what defenses you might raise and explain how the criminal process works. Contact us today for help.