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Hitchcock Criminal Defense Attorney

Hitchcock Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arrested in Hitchcock? Contact Our Galveston Criminal Defense Attorney Today

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At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our experienced criminal defense lawyers are aggressive, innovative, and justice-driven advocates for all of our clients. Our firm has handled more than 325 jury trials in the criminal justice system. If you or your family member was arrested and charged with a criminal offense, such as a DWI or possession of drugs, we are here as a resource that you can trust. Contact our legal team today for a confidential consultation with an experienced Galveston County criminal defense attorney. 

Our Firm Defends Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Law Charges in Hitchcock, TX

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Defending yourself against a criminal charge can be a difficult, confusing, and an overwhelming experience. At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our lawyers have handled many criminal cases and understand the complexities of the law. Because of that we stand firm, ready to protect the rights, freedom, and future of our clients. Your trust in us is a responsibility that we take seriously. No matter the situation that you or your loved one is currently facing, we will take the time to review the matter and determine what comes next. Our Hitchcock criminal defense lawyers are able to help with all of the following types of cases and more: 

  • DWI Charges: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges are serious. In Texas, it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle on public roads with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or while otherwise intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. A DWI conviction can lead to penalties such as fines, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time. We have extensive experience handling drunk/drugged driving charges in Galveston County. Our attorneys can help you challenge DWI evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, and develop a defense strategy tailored to your specific case. Contact us today to set up your confidential consultation with a top Hitchcock DWI defense lawyer. 
  • Drug Charges: The State of Texas has stringent laws concerning the possession, distribution, and manufacturing of controlled substances. Depending on the specific drug and the alleged amount, a person could face serious felony charges for a drug offense, including for mere possession. No matter the drug case you are facing, we stand ready to protect your rights. Were you arrested and charged with a drug-related offense? Contact our Hitchcock, TX drug crimes defense lawyer today. 
  • Sex Crimes Charges: Allegations related to sex crimes are gravely serious, carrying not only legal consequences but also profound societal implications. We handle all types of sex-based criminal offenses, including Internet sex crimes, online solicitation of a minor, prostitution or solicitation, sexual assault, rape, and sex offender registration cases. We also approach these cases with sensitivity, discretion, and determination. Give us a call now to set up a confidential consultation with a top Hitchcock sex crimes defense lawyer. 
  • White Collar Offenses: While these crimes might not involve physical harm, they are treated with the same seriousness as other offenses. With financial and reputational consequences at stake, our team provides meticulous and intelligent defense strategies, often involving deep dives into financial records and complex documentation. Our criminal defense team handles all types of white collar criminal charges, including credit card fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, and tax crimes offenses. Are you facing a white collar criminal charge in Galveston County? We are here to help. 
  • Misdemeanor Crimes: Misdemeanors might be considered “lesser” crimes than felonies, but they can still have lasting impacts on an individual’s record. It would be a tremendous mistake to view a misdemeanor criminal allegation as “no big deal.” In Texas, a conviction for certain types of misdemeanor offenses can carry up to one year in jail. Our law firm offers a rigorous defense for those facing any type of misdemeanor charges. Indeed, we defend the full range of misdemeanor offenses in Hitchcock.   
  • Serious Felonies: Felonies are the most severe category of crime, encompassing offenses like murder, aggravated assault, or serious drug trafficking charges. A conviction can lead to long-term imprisonment and have lifelong implications. Were you arrested and charged with a felony? You need a strong advocate on your side. Facing a serious felony criminal charge in Galveston County? Contact our Hitchcock, TX defense lawyers today. 
  • Grand Jury Proceedings: Before certain criminal charges can be filed, they may be presented to a grand jury—a group of citizens who evaluate the evidence to decide if a trial is warranted. It is crucial to have legal representation during these proceedings, as they can set the tone for a subsequent trial. Further, a proactive defense during grand jury proceedings can sometimes result in charges never being filed. Our Hitchcock criminal defense attorney has the skills and experience to take on all types of grand jury proceeding cases. 
  • Expungements: Expungement is a legal process that can clear certain charges or convictions from an individual’s record. Texas has one of the most complex expungement processes in the entire country. Unfortunately, not every person is eligible to get their records sealed and/or erased in Texas. Our Hitchcock, TX criminal defense lawyers can evaluate whether or not you are eligible for expungement and guide you through the necessary legal processes to clear your name. Have questions about the sealing or expungement of your criminal records? Contact our Hitchcock expungement lawyers today. 
  • Criminal Appeals: A conviction on a criminal charge is not necessarily the end of the road. Unfortunately, there are a number of different circumstances in which trial courts make mistakes. You have the right to appeal in most cases—but it is time-sensitive and appellate law is complicated. Indeed, the criminal appeals process is intricate and requires an in-depth understanding of the law and judicial procedures. An appeal is not a re-trial. There are unique rules and procedures that apply to the appellate process. Considering filing an appeal? Our firm can help you assess all of the potential grounds to appeal a conviction. We handle criminal appeals throughout Galveston County. 

Key Steps to Take When You Are Facing Criminal Charges in Hitchcock, TX

Navigating a criminal charge in Hitchcock can be incredibly challenging. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be severe—you could lose your freedom. Many felony charges carry the potential for significant prison time in Texas. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges in Hitchcock, a proactive approach is a must. Here are three key steps to take:

  • Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent: The United States Constitution ensures every person is protected against self-incrimination. You do not have to speak to law enforcement officers or answer any questions without a Galveston County criminal defense lawyer by your side. It is a common misconception that remaining silent makes you appear guilty. In reality, anything you say can, and often will, be used against you in court—regardless of your intentions. However, if you opt to remain silent, the fact that you did so cannot be used as evidence of guilt in a criminal trial in Texas. 
  • Consult With a Hitchcock Criminal Defense Lawyer: You do not have to navigate a criminal charge alone. The importance of retaining an experienced Hitchcock, TX criminal defense lawyer cannot be overstated. Knowledgeable legal representation is vital. At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we understand the intricacies of state law and the local legal system in Galveston County. Contact us today for your confidential case review. 
  • Proactively Preserve Any Exonerating Evidence: While the burden of proof always rests on the shoulders of the prosecution, you still can—and should—be prepared to raise a comprehensive defense against any criminal charge. Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving evidence that might exonerate you. This could include surveillance footage, witness statements, documents, or any other pertinent information that might corroborate your story or cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. The sooner you have one of our criminal lawyers by your side, the better position you will be in to get justice. 

Why Rely On the Criminal Attorneys at The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates

Few things are more stressful or intimidating than being arrested and charged with a serious crime. Your rights, your freedom, and your future could be at stake. Our founder Tad A. Nelson and our associate attorney Amber R. Spurlock are committed to personalized legal representation. We are proactive and we are prepared to invest the time and resources to handle your claim the right way. Among other things, our Hitchcock criminal defense attorney is prepared to: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential review and evaluation of your case;
  • Investigate your charges—securing and organizing the evidence to build a defense; 
  • Represent you in any discussions with police and prosecutors; and
  • Put together a personalized defense strategy focused on justice.  

Contact Our Hitchcock Criminal Defense Attorneys for Immediate Help

At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our Hitchcock criminal defense lawyer goes above and beyond to protect the rights, freedom, and future of our clients. Arrested? We are ready to help. Call us (409) 765-5614 or contact us online to set up your fully private, no commitment case review. We provide criminal defense services in Hitchcock and throughout Galveston County.