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Houston DWI Attorney Tad Nelson

Houston DWI Attorney Tad Nelson

Immediately after your arrest for DWI, your life becomes more complicated. Your license will be suspended, your car may be impounded, and you will need to bail out of jail; even if you aren’t guilty. It gets even more complicated after that, as you apply to get your driving privileges reinstated, and prepare to face a trial that could result in:

  • Significant jail time
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Suspension of your license for up to a year
  • Probation that lasts from six months to two years
  • A criminal record that will follow you for the remainder of your life

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Tad Nelson & Associates has the experience and the up-to-date knowledge on DWI defense in Texas to prevent the above from happening to you. This is not a time to gamble with your life. Choosing the right attorney is critical for your future. Tad Nelson is a DWI lawyer and scientist, putting him head and shoulders above the competition. Let’s keep your life intact.

About Tad Nelson

Tad Nelson has been a trusted law expert on Fox News for over three years, weighing in on a wide range of cases including the Casey Anthony case. View More Videos

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