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Dickinson Criminal Defense Attorney

Dickinson, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

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At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, located in League City, our criminal defense lawyer has the professional skills and legal expertise that you can trust. With more than 30 years of courtroom experience in the Texas supreme court and more than 325 jury trials, our legal team is more than ready to protect your rights. Were you or your loved one arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Dickinson? Our criminal defense lawyers serving Dickinson, TX can help. Contact our criminal defense lawyer today to set up your completely confidential consultation with a top Galveston County criminal defense lawyer.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles All Types of Criminal Law, Felonies, and Misdemeanor Charges in Dickinson, TX

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Criminal law is complicated. It is normal to have a lot of questions if you are facing a criminal charge in Dickinson. At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our criminal defense lawyer has extensive experience defending charges across Galveston County. Founded by a former Texas prosecutor, our criminal defense lawyers possesses a unique perspective that gives our clients an edge in court. Our criminal defense lawyer is committed to providing top-tier legal representation across the full scope of criminal charges. Along with other types of cases, our Dickinson, TX criminal defense lawyers have experience with: 

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  • DWI Charges: A DWI is a serious criminal charge in Texas. Operating a vehicle while unlawfully impaired by alcohol or drugs is a grave offense that can carry serious criminal penalties. State law prohibits driving on public roadways with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or while otherwise intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Penalties for a DWI conviction can range from hefty fines, suspension of driving rights, to incarceration. The penalties for any specific DWI charge will vary based on a number of different case-specific factors, including a driver’s history of intoxicated driving convictions or lack thereof. We handle all types of DWI charges in Galveston County, including felony offenses. Contact our Dickinson DWI criminal defense lawyers for a strictly confidential consultation. 
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  • Drug Charges: A drug offense could result in a state-based criminal charge or a federal criminal charge. Our state has some of the most stringent drug laws in the entire nation. Indeed, Texas takes a hard stance on offenses associated with controlled substances. The severity of drug-related charges depends on the drug in question and the quantity involved.  We defend all types of drug charges in Galveston County. Facing a drug possession charge or drug trafficking charge in Dickinson? Contact our Texas criminal defense attorney today.   
  • Sex Crimes Charges: Sex crime allegations carry enormous personal stigma. Even an arrest can cause serious harm to a person’s reputation. We have the professional experience and proven legal expertise to handle al types of sexual offenses, including internet-based offenses, minor solicitation, sexual assault, rape, and sexual offender violations. Our Galveston County criminal defense law firm handles every case with tact, confidentiality, and unwavering resolve. You have the right to defend yourself against a sex-based criminal offense. Are you facing a sex crimes charge? Contact our Dickinson, TX criminal defense lawyer for immediate help. 
  • White Collar Offenses: Broadly defined, a white collar criminal offense is a non-violent crime. It usually has some sort of financial motive. These cases are often extremely complex. In some circumstances, a white collar offense could result in a federal charge. That being said, many of these offenses are handled under Texas state law. Our criminal defense lawyer takes on all types of white collar criminal cases in Galveston County, including financial fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, wire fraud, and tax evasion. Our Dickinson criminal defense lawyer has the professional skills and sophisticated legal expertise to take on white collar criminal cases.   
  • Misdemeanor Crimes: Though misdemeanors are deemed less severe than felonies, their implications on one’s record are far from negligible. Overlooking a misdemeanor as a trivial matter is an enormous error. Do not take on the legal process alone. Facing a misdemeanor criminal charge in Dickinson? Contact our criminal defense lawyers today. 
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  • Serious Felonies: In Texas, felonies are serious criminal offenses that can carry a minimum of one year in state prison. Our criminal defense firm takes on all types of serious felony offenses. Were you arrested and charged with a felony criminal offense? Contact our Dickinson, TX criminal defense attorney today. 
  • Grand Jury Proceedings: There are many myths and misconceptions about grand jury proceedings. If you or your loved one is set to go before a grand jury in Galveston County, it is imperative that you have access to reliable legal representation. How does a grand jury work? In certain cases, charges are first presented to a grand jury—that being a panel of citizens who are responsible for assessing the evidence to determine if a trial is justified. Legal representation is essential during this phase, as it sets the groundwork for potential future proceedings. Being proactive at this stage may even prevent charges from being filed at all. We represent people in grand jury proceedings across Galveston County such as League City, Dickinson, and Galveston. 
  • Expungements: Clearing a criminal record through expungement is legally intricate in Texas, and not everyone qualifies. Our Dickinson attorneys can assess your eligibility and guide you through the convoluted legal steps required to cleanse your record. Our Dickinson, TX criminal defense attorney has extensive experience handling expungements. If you want to know if you are eligible to get your records sealed or erased, we can help. 
  • Criminal Appeals: A criminal conviction is not necessarily the final stage of the criminal justice system. Here is the unfortunate reality: Court errors do occur. Most people convicted of a crime are eligible to file an appeal. That being said, a defendant absolutely does not have an unlimited amount of time to do so. The appellate law process in Texas is highly time-sensitive. We have the specialized experience and expertise needed to handle appeals. Our team is prepared to analyze all potential grounds for appeal. We handle criminal appeals in Galveston County and throughout Southeast Texas. 

What to Do When Facing Criminal Allegations in Dickinson, TX

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Are you facing a criminal allegation in Dickinson? Whether you have already been arrested and charged or you believe that you are under investigation for a crime, it is crucial that you have an experienced attorney on your side who understands the complexity of criminal defense law. A proactive approach to criminal defense can make all of the difference. Here are four steps to take to protect your rights in such a situation in Dickinson, TX:

  • Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent: As soon as you are arrested or questioned by law enforcement, remember that you have the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. It is natural to want to defend yourself or explain the situation, but even innocent remarks can be misconstrued. If you have something you want to share with police or prosecutors, an attorney serving Dickinson can help. 
  • Consult With a Dickinson Defense Attorney: Professional legal counsel is key when facing a serious criminal charge. Do not wait to speak to a lawyer. At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our Dickinson, TX criminal defense attorneys are prepared to guide you through the entire legal process—ensuring that your rights are upheld every step of the way. 
  • Preserve Any Relevant Evidence: Any evidence that can support your defense should be preserved immediately. Depending on the nature of the charges, relevant evidence may include text messages, emails, photographs, physical items, or eyewitness accounts. Make sure to provide all this information to your Galveston County criminal defense attorney. 
  • Do Not Plead Guilty Without a Lawyer: In some cases, people feel pressure to plead guilty right away to avoid the very worst possible outcome. While a plea deal certainly makes sense in some cases, this type of agreement should always be negotiated and reviewed by an experienced Dickinson criminal defense attorney. 

Why Trust the Dickinson Defense Lawyers at The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates

Were you arrested and charged with a serious criminal offense in Dickinson or anywhere outside of the Dickinson area of Texas? You need a strong, aggressive, and experienced attorney on your side. Our founding attorney and our associate attorney are top-end advocates for defendants. We are more than ready to handle your case proactively. When you contact our legal team, you will have a chance to connect with a Dickinson criminal defense attorney who can:

  • Hear what you have to say and answer questions about your case;
  • Investigate the criminal charges, gathering evidence to build your defense;  
  • Represent when dealing with law enforcement officers and/or prosecutors; and
  • Take aggressive action to protect your rights to help you get the best outcome. 

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At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our Dickinson criminal defense lawyers are standing by, ready to protect your legal rights and other legal issues. Get in touch with our TX lawyers serving Dickinson at (409) 765-5614 or send us a message online to set up your fully confidential, no obligation consultation. We defend criminal charges in the Dickinson area, Galveston County, and all across the surrounding region in Southeast Texas.