Celebrity Court
Newscaster: Now, more legal troubles. Some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities are facing some legal Woo’s. Paris Hilton for one is now suing a website for posting personal photographs of her, diaries she was keeping, conversations. She had been keeping them in a storage facility and they were sold. Now this website has them. You can take a look at them online. Also former model Niki Taylor is going after the E entertainment network. She claims producers mislead her into thinking that a documentary that she agreed to do would focus on her current successes and not what she has done in the past. And Brandi RB singer could be charged with vehicular manslaughter, a misdemeanor charge though, for her role in a deadly freeway crash inCalifornia last month. So to sort it all out is Tad Nelson, a former prosecutor. Tad if you will lets start with Paris Hilton, of course, she is everywhere, why not put her at the top. She put the stuff in storage when she and her sister where moving out, is her story and she said, “Somebody was supposed to pay the bill for the storage.” Somebody didn’t pay it maybe the moving company and somebody ended up selling it in a public auction. This stuff is now, very personal stuff, ends up on the internet on this website. She doesn’t want people looking at it. Does she have a case?
Tad: I think no. We have to look at it from two different angles. Number one we have to try to see if she has a property interest in this stuff that was left in storage. At this stage, I think it is no different than trash at the front of her house. She abandoned that property by not paying her bills and didn’t go back to check on it. The second issue is going to be a privacy issue. Paris is somebody who literally every single day of her life puts her face in front of that camera asking for picture to be taken. At this point, she has got material that she has abandoned. She’s not going to have a right to make an argument that she has any privacy interest in what they’re putting on the net.
Newscaster: So, even if she claims she thought the storage bill was being paid?
Tad: Sounds to me like Paris aught to spend a little less time on lawsuits and little more time selecting a better business manager.
Newscaster: Lets move on, Tad if you will, to Niki Taylor. She is a super star model. She was in sports illustrated many times and she was in that near fatal car accident back in 2001, had to have several surgeries. She said the producers and reporters at E entertainment made her a promise that the show they were going to interview her for were going to talk about where she has come, where she is now, she has clothing line,perfume line, etc., instead the show is called Boulevard of broken dreams and it focused on her past tragedies. She is suing them now even though they are still airing it; they are kind of defining her lawyer’s recommendations. I’m sorry, her lawyers request. Does she have a case?
Tad: Again, I would say no. You have got to realize the source. It’s not like E entertainment sent over Charlie Rose to do an interview. They are E entertainment their entire network is based on, you were important, now your not, we are going to show the world.
Newscaster: So even if they make promises, don’t believe them?
Tad: Well, again, we don’t have the contract, or don’t have access to the contract. If the contract, basically said some things, maybe she has some contractual claims. But, I would say by and large just from knowing the source E entertainment is based on the fact that they show you where you were and where you are now. It’s what they do, it’s what they sell.
Newscaster: And Brandi lastly, California highway patrol is suggesting to the City Attorney’s Office, that she be charged with a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, which would potentially land her in county jail for one year, maybe a fine. In this case, does the city Attorney’s office get pressure from so much media coverage in this case to actually charge her?
Tad: Most definitely, I think the media does kind of bring it about. But I think ultimately in this case, they are going to sit back and they’re going to make a rational decision, which if you read the facts. I looked online this morning to try to find some of the offense report. It is fairly clear, that she didn’t have any alcohol or any drugs in her system and she was driving a Range Rover, which I would imagine is a very heavy machine, hits into the back of a Honda, and pushes it into the street where the Honda is hit by another passing car. I would think in just a matter of a millisecond Brandi might have diverted her attention. I think there ultimately on this case going to look the other way and realize that Brandi was doing nothing more than any of us do everyday when we are driving.
Newscaster: Tad Nelson, former prosecutor. Tad thanks.
Tad: Your welcome, thank you.