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Anahuac, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Anahuac, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Anahuac, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Anahuac, also known as the “Alligator Capital of Texas”, is a small town in southeastern Texas. Anaguac gets its nickname of the “Alligator Capital of Texas” because alligators outnumber people almost 3 to 1. Before German migrants came to the area, Anahuac was home to an indigenous tribe known as the Atakapa. The name Anahuac is derived from the Aztec language Nahuatl or Mexicano meaning city or center. Around the mid-1800s, Anahuac grew from a militant-post town to a civilized town with over 400 citizens. Since then, the population has increased to over 3,000 residents and the city has grown to cover 2.1 square miles of land.

With great fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities, Anahuac is a quaint, small town with a strong community. As with many other towns across the country, Anahuac is not free from crime. While crime rates aren’t as high as inner-city rates, Anahuac is known to have both violent and property crimes. Just this past summer, a man was arrested in Chambers County during a routine traffic stop after the discovery that he was involved in drug crimes and money laundering.

Our firm has experience defending people charged with DWIs, white collar crimes, expungement, and more. If you live in Anahuac and have been accused or charged with criminal offenses, it’s important to know that our Anahuac criminal defense attorney is prepared to help you and your loved ones have your charges dismissed or reduced.

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer Representing Clients in Anahuac, Texas

At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our Anahuac criminal lawyers are committed to providing honest, reliable, and effective representation to the accused. With experience handling the full range of criminal cases, including misdemeanors and serious felony cases, we are ready to fight to defend your rights. For a free, strictly private initial consultation with a skilled Texas criminal lawyer, please get in touch with us immediately. 

Why Trust the Anahuac Criminal Attorneys at Tad Nelson & Associates?

We care far more about your well-being and your future than the legal fees that can be generated on your case. Our mission is to protect your rights and either have your case dismissed or charges reduced. As a trial-tested law firm, we are also prepared to take aggressive action when needed. When you reach out to us, our Anahuac criminal lawyer will: 

  • Conduct a free assessment of your criminal case;
  • Listen to your story and understand your needs;
  • Walk you through the legal process—organizing documents and records; and
  • Devise the best possible defense strategy to best suit your situation. 

We know that no two criminal cases are identical. Our Anahuac attorney provides customized legal defense and support to every client. The approach or strategy that works well for another case may simply not be the right choice for your case. We will be with you every step of the way.

Get Help From an Anahuac Criminal Lawyer Right Away

At the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, our Texas criminal attorneys represent each and every client with diligence, respect, and tenacity. We will protect your rights and defend them to the best of our abilities. To set up a no cost, no obligation initial consultation, please contact our law firm at (281) 280-0100. We represent the accused in Anahuac and throughout the surrounding communities.