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Texas man charged with homicide

A 19-year-old Texas man recently appeared in court for arraignment on capital murder charges.

According to local authorities, the victim was shot as he tried to escape armed robbers who wanted the pair of Air Jordan XI “Bred” sneakers — a newly released item that retails for about $185 — that he had purchased earlier in the day. After being shot, the victim is reported to have driven off. However, his gunshot wounds proved to be fatal, causing him to crash his vehicle between two houses a short time later.

Local authorities arrested the 19-year-old suspect and have kept him in police custody without bond. Two other young men, ages 18 and 19, have also been charged with capital murder in connection with the alleged attempted robbery. In addition to capital murder, court records indicate that one of the other young men also faces a failure to report a felony charge.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating a potential fourth suspect. Authorities claim that three of the possible four suspects fired weapons. However, at least one of the suspects is claiming to have only fired in the air. The investigation is ongoing.

Under Texas law, a person who intentionally causes the death of another while committing a felony-level crime — such as armed robbery — may be charged with the offense of capital murder. The penalties for a capital murder conviction are especially severe, and may include life imprisonment or execution.

This case, in particular, may quickly become complicated because of the multiple suspects involved. It remains to be seen whether other suspects will also seek to lessen the charges against them by claiming to have fired only in the air, or seek to shift blame to the other co-defendants. Procedural challenges to the forensic investigation may also be available. An experienced criminal law attorney, one who is also certified to defend murder cases in federal court, will be able to mount a thorough defense.

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