5 Things to Know About Drug Trafficking Charges in Texas

June 8th, 2021 by Tad Nelson in Criminal Defense, Drug Crime

There are many different types of drug crimes in Texas, and the type of charges a person can face will depend upon a variety of factors, including the type of controlled substance at issue, the amount of the drug in question, and whether the alleged offense involves factors that could result in a federal instead […]

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Is a Drug Conviction Invalid Because a Police Officer Committed Perjury?

April 4th, 2019 by Tad Nelson in Drug Crime

A cardinal rule of the Texas criminal justice system that is that every person who appears in court must tell the truth. Attorneys for both sides also have an ethical obligation not to knowingly put a witness on the stand who intends to lie. But what happens when a police officer is found to commit […]

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Do Houston Prosecutors Need to Prove You Had “Exclusive” Possession of Illegal Drugs?

March 4th, 2019 by Tad Nelson in Drug Crime, Uncategorized

We have all heard of cases where someone is arrested for drug possession when illegal narcotics are literally found on the defendant’s person. But what if drugs are found in an area that might be subject to the control of more than one person? Let’s say the police search your apartment and find cocaine. Can […]

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What Happens If I “Throw Away” the Drugs Before the Cops Search Me?

January 8th, 2019 by Tad Nelson in Drug Crime

You have probably seen movies or television shows where the cops are about to bust someone for drug possession, and the defendant quickly tries to get rid of the incriminating substance, i.e. flushes the cocaine down the toilet. In real life, if prosecutors can prove that you intentionally destroyed potential evidence of a drug crime, […]

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