How Can Prosecutors Prove Someone “Knowingly” Possessed Illegal Drugs?

October 7th, 2021 by Tad Nelson in Criminal Defense, Drug Crime, Felony

To convict someone of drug possession, prosecutors must prove the defendant “knowingly” possessed the controlled substance in question. This can be simple to do if the drugs are found in the defendant’s coat pockets. But what if the drugs are recovered from an area where multiple people might have had access? Here, our Houston criminal […]

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How “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity” Can Add Years to a Possible Sentence

October 5th, 2021 by Tad Nelson in Criminal Defense, Gang Membership, Robbery

Texas prosecutors will often try and “enhance” a criminal case by charging the defendant with “engaging in organized criminal activity” or EOCA. This is the state equivalent of the federal RICO statute. It essentially enables the government to charge a defendant with participating in a criminal organization in addition to the underlying criminal act. An […]

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The Criminal Statute of Limitations in Texas

April 5th, 2021 by Tad Nelson in Statute of Limitations

The state can’t file charges against a person whenever it wants. In addition to being able to demonstrate probable cause that someone committed a crime, for instance, prosecutors must also abide by specific time limits when filing formal charges. When this deadline, also known as a statute of limitations, has passed, then the accused cannot […]

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