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Reasons a Former Prosecutor Makes the Best Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Texas, it is understandable that you view the prosecution as your enemy. The last thing you expect to hear is that a former prosecutor is ideally suited to defend your rights. At one time, this person was the lawyer representing the government in pursuing criminal charges, fighting to get a conviction, and arguing for punishment. It can be difficult to understand how a prosecutor’s skills carry over to the defense side when he or she goes into private practice.

However, there are numerous reasons a former prosecutor makes a wise choice to represent you. Switching sides is actually a logical transition, and you are the beneficiary when you retain a  Houston criminal defense attorney who spent time prosecuting cases. The following information should be convincing. 

You Have a Peek at the Prosecutor’s Hand

No matter what charges you are facing, your now-defense counsel most likely did work on cases involving similar allegations. As such, you can leverage knowledge of the strategy that the government will take. Always remember that the Bill of Rights to the Texas Constitution requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer knows how to expose weaknesses after having to deal with them previously as a prosecutor.

Courtroom and Litigation Experience

Even after just a few years representing the government, a prosecutor will probably have tried hundreds of cases. Plus, a prosecuting attorney does nothing BUT criminal cases, and working in such a specific area lends itself to focus and attention to detail. When transitioning to private practice in criminal defense, your lawyer brings massive litigation experience and trial skills to develop solid strategies.

Knowledge of Texas Rules of Criminal Procedure

Much of what you know about criminal law is derived from constitutional principles, statutes, and court decisions. However, there are numerous rules that govern the criminal process and details of the proceedings. A former prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer will be well-versed regarding how to handle:

  • Arraignments and bond hearings;
  • Pretrial motions;
  • Depositions and discovery;
  • Status conferences and court hearings;
  • Jury selection;
  • Calling and cross-examining witnesses; and
  • Arguing your case at trial.

Development of Defenses

When prosecuting cases, your lawyer would always need to anticipate and prepare for defenses. You can be sure that he or she will remember the strategies that worked because they resulted in a loss for the government. The same approach may work to help you avoid a conviction, work out a plea bargain, or obtain another favorable result.

Trust a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Knows Both Sides

These are a few reasons why a former prosecutor is a wise choice if you are facing criminal charges in Texas. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates have significant experience in the prosecution’s role, which has enabled us to fine-tune our trial skills now that we aggressively fight to protect the rights of defendants. Please call (281) 280-0100or visit us online to set up a consultation at our offices in Houston, TX.