Local Attorney acts as Commentator on Television Show
By Jerry Urban
Published January 11, 2003
GALVESTON, Texas– Local attorney Tad A. Nelson was a commentator Friday
on the nationally-televised Court TV.
Nelson, who has offices in Galveston and League City, discussed Georgia vs.
Dionne Baugh, who was convicted of beating to death her boyfriend with a large
crescent wrench.
Nelson, a former Galveston County assistant district attorney, commented from
the view of a criminal defense attorney.
On Thursday, Nelson was on “The John Walsh Show” to discuss his client Ronnie
Robbins, the Santa Fe man charged with endangerment to a child after shackling
his daughter to keep her from running away.
The nationally syndicated show was taped for a later broadcast.
However, “The John Walsh Show” isn’t broadcast in the Houston-Galveston area.
Nelson was in New York City for both shows.