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During divorce proceedings, marital property, assets and debts are identified and divided according to Texas law. Community property undergoes an equitable distribution. For many people, the divorce process is a time of mistrust. One spouse may accuse the other spouse of hiding assets. The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates in Houston works with financial specialists, accountants and other experts to identify and locate hidden assets.

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How are marital assets hidden?

Our attorney, Tad Nelson, engages experts such as financial specialists, accountants and tax experts to sort out complex divorce and separation issues. With help from these experts, we are able to identify and locate any hidden marital assets. Common methods for hiding assets can include:

  • Spouse denies the assets exist
  • Spouse transfers money to a third party
  • Spouse claims to have lost the asset or investment
  • Spouse creates false debt

How can hidden assets be located?

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we protect our clients’ best interests and work for equitable outcomes regarding even the most complicated matters. We work resolve all of your property division issues. When marital assets have been hidden or not yet taken into consideration, we focus on locating and identifying those assets. The following items are reviewed in the process:

  • Personal income tax returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Financial statements
  • Savings account books
  • Security or commodity account statements
  • Children’s bank accounts

In addition to impacting property division, hidden assets can play a role in child support determinations. Child support is calculated using the non-custodial parent’s net income. When the parent’s real net income is known, it is possible to insure an accurate calculation for the support amount.

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