League City Police Officer Kills Fugitive Domestic Violence Suspect

October 19th, 2018 by Tad Nelson in Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are highly volatile by nature. If you are accused of domestic violence, your first instinct may be to run. But fleeing the police is never a good idea. Nor should you confront or threaten officers who come to your home to question or arrest you on domestic violence allegations. The best thing you can do in this type of situation is to remember your constitutional rights: Do not voluntarily answer any police questions and call a qualified Galveston domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible.

Tragically, some people fail to heed this advice and end up paying the ultimate price. This appears to have been the case in League City recently, where a police officer shot and killed a man who previously escaped from custody after facing allegations of family violence. The officer is on administrative leave pending a mandatory grand jury investigation.

According to news reports, the fatal shooting took place on September 19, 2018, at the victim’s home on Waco Avenue in League City. The victim lived with a woman described in the press as his girlfriend or common-law wife. The day before the shooting, September 18, police responded to a domestic violence complaint against the victim, presumably filed by the girlfriend. But while being questioned by police, the victim “somehow escaped from a patrol car and disappeared into the night,” according to Fox 26 Houston.

The next day, police arrived at the victim’s home with a warrant for his arrest. The girlfriend answered the door and gave officers permission to search the house for the victim. They found him in a closet. At that point, the victim allegedly “came at the officers with a sharp-edged object,” possibly a utility knife, at which point one of the officers shot and killed the victim. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office subsequently took charge of the scene. The Houston Chronicle noted this is the third shooting involving a League City police officer this year.

Do Not Provoke the Police–Call a Lawyer Instead

While killing a suspect must always be considered a last resort for police, it’s important to consider the context of shootings like this one. According to a recent USA Today report, “more officers were shot responding to domestic violence than any other type of firearm-related fatality.” Indeed, based on figures compiled by the FBI, 136 police officers were killed throughout the U.S. between 1988 and 2016 “while responding to domestic disturbances such as family arguments.”

Given these figures, it should come as no surprise that Galveston County law enforcement treats domestic violence situations as a threat to their own security as well that of the accusers. This is why you must never respond to police questions or allegations with violence or threats of violence. Your best bet is always to remain calm, decline to answer questions, and call a lawyer. If you need immediate assistance from a Galveston domestic violence defense attorney, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates at (281) 280-0100.

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