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How to Handle Sexual Allegations

sex crimes allegation can be devastating for someone who is completely innocent of any wrongdoing. The publicity and social media attention that attaches to a mere allegation of a sex crime can seriously injure a person’s reputation, family, and career. That it why, if you or a loved one has been accused of any type of sex crime, you need to take the matter seriously.

Do Not Contact the Victim

Although a criminal investigation is an unnerving experience, the first thing to remember is not to panic. Aside from the need to maintain composure in the face of adversity, there is a practical reason for this. If you panic, you may do something that undermines your ability to defend yourself in court.

First and foremost, do not attempt to contact your accuser in an effort to get them to “change their story.” This may be construed by law enforcement as witness tampering, which is a crime independent of the underlying sex crime allegation. Even if the accuser is someone you know well, it is never a good idea to try and sort things out by yourself.

Do Not Destroy Evidence

Panic might also lead you to destroy evidence that you think will serve to incriminate you. Again, this is something you should never do. Like witness tampering, any destruction of evidence may lead to separate criminal charges against you. Furthermore, destroying evidence will cast even more suspicion on you and lead police and prosecutors to conclude the victim’s accusations are credible.

What you should do is preserve any evidence of your relationship with the accuser. You should make special note of any documents or records that might exonerate you. For example, if the accuser claims you attacked at a particular time and place, any evidence demonstrating you were somewhere else can help prove your alibi. You should also make a note of any person who can vouch for your whereabouts or can otherwise provide law enforcement with information that may help your case.

Do Not Talk Without a Criminal Defense Attorney Present

Always remember that you have a constitutional right against self-incrimination. This means you do not have to speak to the police at all. And under no circumstances should you speak with, or volunteer information to, anyone about a sex crimes case without a qualified Houston sex crimes defense attorney present. This does not just apply to law enforcement. Even a public statement denying a sex crimes charge could be used as evidence against you in court. So if anyone, even a friend, asks you about your case, it is best to reply, “I cannot discuss the matter without talking to my attorney first.”

Get a Houston Sex Allegations Attorney Immediately

A sex crimes charge is not something that goes away on its own. You should never ignore any allegation, even if you know it is false. You should also not try to defend against such charges without assistance. An experienced Galveston sex crimes defense lawyer can help you every step of the way, from dealing with a police investigation to representing you at trial if that becomes necessary. Contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today if you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about a sex offense charge as soon as possible.