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Can I Get My DWI Charges Reduced With A Houston DWI Attorney?

If you are facing DWI or drunk driving charges in Texas, we know that you are probably dealing with many different fears and trying to think through your options and how dwi criminal defense lawyers could help. One question our criminal defense attorney at our law firm often hears from people who have been arrested in Houston for a DWI is whether there is a possibility of having the DWI or DUI charges reduced. In other words, if you know that you were driving while intoxicated, is there any chance that you can have the charges you are facing reduced so that you will not face the same penalties, such as driver’s license suspension and even jail time? Depending upon the particular facts of your legal case, it may be possible to have your DWI charges reduced with assistance from a Houston DWI attorney. Our firm can provide you with more information on how Houston dwi lawyers handle these cases and exactly why a criminal defense attorney is needed to take things through the federal courts. Below are a few different things that you need to know going into the legal processes of criminal cases.

Prosecutors May Want to Make Plea Deals

In many criminal cases, especially DWI cases, you should know that prosecutors may want you and your legal representation to make plea deals because a plea deal means they would not have to take your case into the court system and would be able to reduce the overall legal fees and costs of a trial. Prosecutors are often even more willing to accept plea deals, even in criminal law cases, for reduced charges in circumstances where the prosecutor or trial attorney does not feel strongly about their ability to win the case due to limited evidence against you or a strong criminal defense that you may be able to raise with a Houston dwi attorney.

Criminal Defense Attorneys May also Want to Make Plea Deals

Accordingly, if you are willing to accept a plea deal, you should know that other criminal defense attorneys or a Houston dwi lawyer are also frequently interested in plea deals. Through your attorney-client relationship, you will have to discuss those options.

Facts of Your Case Will Affect Reduced Charges and Plea

The specific facts of your legal case will play a major role in determining whether it is possible to have your charges reduced in exchange for your willingness to accept a plea deal. Common circumstances in which prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys are more willing to consider reduced charges include but are not limited to the following:

  • You have no previous DWI charges or convictions, and this is your first offense;

  • Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), taken by the police officer, showed that you were at or just slightly above the legal limit of 0.08, at which point, Houston, TX and push DWI charges under the Texas Penal Code;

  • No motor vehicle accident resulted from the DWI;

  • Nobody was injured as a result of the DWI;

  • You have evidence that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated by a police officer or other;

  • Video evidence shows indications of police misconduct or negligence in conducting the DWI stop and search;

  • No children were in the vehicle with you at the time of the DWI arrest; and/or

  • You have no other criminal record history.

Possible Reduced Charges from a DWI

When you and your criminal defense attorney seek to have your DWI charges reduced after drunk driving, what kind of charges can you and your lawyer expect to plead to? The prosecution may be willing to consider reduced intoxication charges, such as public intoxication, or reduced charges related to a traffic offense, such as reckless driving. You should know that these are still misdemeanor offenses in most cases and that you will still have that misdemeanor on your criminal record if you accept a plea for those reduced charges.

Contact a Houston DWI Lawyer in Texas

If you have questions about defending against Houston DWI charges or about reduced charges, the aggressive Houston DWI lawyers at our firm can assist you. Contact The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates today for your free consultation. The attorney-client relationship means a lot to us and Our experienced criminal law firm and legal team understand the criminal justice system and will help you understand exactly how Houston dwi lawyers can make a huge difference in your case.