The Craig Stebic Case
Newscaster: Police naming Lisa Stebic estranged husband, Craig, as a person of interest in her disappearance. But with no body, no evidence, and the couple’s two children being advised not to talk to investigators, can prosecutors build a case against Craig? Mercedes Colwin, Paul Callan, and Tad Nelson rejoin me once again. Mercedes let me go to you first. First of all, what do you think about Craig prohibiting police to get answers from the kids? He is withholding evidence in a sense. Mercedes: Honestly, I don’t think that is unusual. Because the father, he is obviously very concerned about his children, he is concerned about their emotional well being and that is why he has shuttered those children away. For the most part, because I think I am sure as a parent he feels if the law enforcements are as nice as they can be and as pleasant as they can be, they are still interrogating these young children. Which I felt surprising though is the law enforcement chose to make him a person of interest as appose to going to the judge and saying, “Your Honor, we need to speak to these children.” Because,they could have very easily done that and not focused all their energies on Craig and as to whether he actually committed the crime or not.
Newscaster: Ok and at this point there is no evidence Paul that Craig did do anything. But, obviously people are going to point to the husband and obviously in every case like this they always think that the husband is the murderer. What do you think if you were his attorney? Paul: Well, he is always the prime subject. You know it’s interesting; Mercedes is jumping to the defense where I think she thought Scott Peterson was innocent. Mercedes: Here we go Julie.
Newscaster: You will never live that one down Mercedes. Never.Mercedes: No, I guess not. Paul: But in any event, now the defense attorney’s are doing the right thing here if he is guilty, but you know, don’t let the kids talk to the police, don’t let your client talk to the police, but frankly if he is an innocent man, why wouldn’t he want his kids to cooperate? I mean let him be debriefed by the police maybe there is a clue that will help them track down the mother. I would certainly want my kids to be interviewed by the police if my wife was missing, so I think his behavior is extremely suspicious. I understand now whyhe has been named as a person of interest and we have to watch this case closely.
Newscaster: Why wait so long though? I mean yeah the guy does seem extremely suspicious, Tad. Why wait so long to name a person of interest. I mean he is not asuspect technically, but everybody has pretty much suspected him of being a suspect.
Tad: Well, I think they pretty much got painted into that corner. They were executing search warrants at the house; information was being leaked to the press, which was putting out in the public about the blood on the tarp. But, the other thing that Paul brought up, as far as the children; the police talked to the children right after the disappearance. So, they have had their chance to talk to these children. The bottom line is though; the father is keeping the children away from talking again. The children have told them where the mother was. The only possible reason they would need to talk to the children a second time, is to start tying the father into this crime. So, if they were just worried about the mother that would be one thing; but their now trying to make their case, build their case against their father, and that’s why he is a little bit hesitant. His lawyer is giving his some good advice.
Newscaster: Alright, Mercedes if you were defending Craig, would you go after Lisa? There are reports out there that she dated outside the marriage and that perhaps somebody that she was involved with could have done something to her. Mercedes: I would certainly start floating some of these theories. We have heard them already that she had put an ad on the internet saying that she needed companionship, so who knows. Someone may have responded to those ads. We have absolutely know idea. Float some of these theories up. Try to start taking this cast, this bad cast of light on your client, away from him. Because frankly, all the individuals that knew the family, knew the couple they said that he was a very doting father, would never have done something like this; but your not hearing these theories. You are hearing that she was afraid of him, and that she was certainly astray from him, and she wanted to leave him, but start floating some of these other theories.
Newscaster: Mercedes Colwin, Paul Callan, and Tad Nelson, Thank you all for coming on. Paul: Nice to be here Julie. Mercedes: Thanks Julie.
Tad: You bet.