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Whether you’ve been married for two years or 20, no one gets married with the plan of getting divorced. Yet divorce happens, affecting nearly half of all marriages in the United States. While divorce may be common, your divorce is unique to you, and the issues that you will need to resolve in your divorce case won’t be exactly like anyone else’s. As you navigate these issues and think about your legal options and what steps to take, our Alvin, TX divorce attorney at the law office of Tad Nelson will be by your side. Call Attorney Tad Nelson today to learn more about how our lawyer can serve you.

Do You Need an Alvin, TX Divorce Attorney?

When you’re thinking about a divorce or have initiated the divorce process, whether or not you need a divorce attorney will feel like a very personal choice. While engaging an attorney is up to you – there is no requirement to work with a legal professional when divorcing – working with a divorce lawyer is strongly recommended. You may need a divorce lawyer if your divorce is:

  • Uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, both parties to the divorce agree about how the divorce should be settled. This means that parties agree about how property should be divided, how debts should be paid, how custody of minor children should be shared, what each parent’s child support obligation should be, whether or not spousal maintenance will be part of the divorce settlement, etc. While it may seem like this is the exact situation in which you wouldn’t need a lawyer, don’t be mistaken – having an attorney review your settlement agreement before you sign it is strongly recommended. An attorney can advise you as to whether or not the settlement is fair, likely to be signed by a judge (who must ultimately approve the settlement before a divorce can be finalized), and in your best interests.
  • Contested. In a contested divorce, parties to the divorce are not in agreement about one or more of the divorce issues mentioned above, such as division of property or child custody. When a divorce is contested, the help of an attorney is extremely valuable. If your divorce is contested, your attorney can represent you by explaining to you the law and your legal options, representing you in mediated sessions with your spouse/your spouse’s attorney in an attempt to reach a resolution, gathering evidence to support your case, and ultimately representing you in divorce litigation if it comes to that. 

Working with an Attorney Through All Stages of a Divorce

A divorce attorney does more than just represent you in reaching a settlement and negotiating tough issues in a divorce; Attorney Tad Nelson can provide representation throughout the entirety of the divorce process, including before you even file for a divorce. Our Alvin, TX divorce lawyer can help you to:

  • Understand the grounds for divorce. In Texas, most people file for divorce on no-fault grounds, claiming that the marriage is no longer supportable. However, if you have reason to file for a divorce on fault-based grounds, our lawyer will guide you through the various grounds and advise you as to whether or not filling on fault-based grounds is wise. 
  • Ensure residency requirements are satisfied. Before you can file for a divorce, you must meet our state’s residency requirements, which mandate that at least one spouse has lived within the state for at least six months prior to filing. 
  • File your petition for divorce/respond to a petition to divorce. Once you know what grounds your filing for a divorce and are sure that you meet residency requirements, you can file your petition for a divorce. Our lawyer can assist you in preparing the paperwork and documents for filing. If you have recently been served with a petition for a divorce, note that you only have 20 days to respond. Our lawyer can represent you in the process. 

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Attorney Tad Nelson understands what you’re going through, and that you want a quick and easy divorce that’s also a low-cost divorce. While we can make no promises, we can guarantee that we’ll work hard for you to help you achieve the divorce outcome you want.

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