Domestic Violence Resource Links

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Contains detailed information on domestic violence, including information for victims, abusers and family members.

Futures Without Violence

Website dedicated to preventing violence within the home and in the community, providing information on domestic violence, working with children affected directly or indirectly by abuse and other important information. Formerly the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

National Crime Prevention Council

A public education program designed to stimulate community involvement and generate confidence in comprehensive crime prevention activities.

Violence Prevention

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website about child abuse, domestic violence, sexual crimes and youth violence.


Resource for domestic violence offenders, providing counseling programs, education sources, support groups and other materials to help break the chain of abuse in intimate relationships.

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Website for domestic violence victims and their advocates, working at the state level to provide educational materials and coordinate information sharing.

Medline Plus: Domestic Violence

Gateway resource on domestic violence, including links to sites devoted to education, prevention, treatment and more.

Office on Violence Against Women

U.S. Department of Justice website providing information on domestic abuse, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking and other information on intimate partner violence.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Online resource providing information on domestic violence prevention and recovery. The nonprofit also is involved with public policy initiatives and providing assistance to victims of domestic violence.

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