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FAQ: Sex Offender Registration

Mandatory sex offender registration is one of the harshest penalties the criminal justice system in Texas or anywhere else has to offer. If you’ve recently been arrested for any type of crime involving sex, you probably have questions about the registration requirement and a great deal more.

Basic information about Texas’ sex offender registration program and the most common answers people look for are listed below. If the answers you’re looking for aren’t here — contact us so that you and a lawyer can talk.

What triggers the registration requirement?

Texas has a list of crimes for which convictions, adjudications or deferred adjudications will trigger the registration requirement. A partial listing of these crimes includes indecency with a child, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, possession or promotion of child pornography, burglary or kidnapping with the intent to commit a sexual crime, and online solicitation of a minor.

What does sex offender registration require?

Convicted offenders are required to register with local enforcement and provide information about everything from their eye color to their shoe size, along with information about their criminal history, the terms of their probation/parole, employment status, professional licenses they hold or are planning to seek, and much more. In addition, offenders are required to notify local law enforcement in other counties or states if they are going to be there for a significant amount of time (how much time may vary from state to state). It is also important to note that whatever information you are required to provide, the only data not available to the public at large will be your social security, driver’s license, and telephone numbers.

How long does sex offender registration last?

Although offenses are divided into two categories here (10 years for some/automatic lifetime for others) — the reality of sex offender registration is that if convicted, you can reasonably expect that information about your past will follow you for the rest of your life. Understanding that fact, our firm is absolutely aggressive in seeking to get charges dismissed or reduced if at all possible.

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