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When you consider that statistically, every other marriage ends in divorce, prenuptial and post-marital agreements begin to make sense. Some people say this is a cop-out, a way of committing yourself to fail at the marriage rather than succeed. Those people are wrong. What you really do when you have one of these agreements drafted is prevent a lot of trouble, stress and expense if, and only if, the marriage should fail.

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What’s Required for Prenuptial Agreements?

Marital and prenuptial agreements may not stand up in court if a full disclosure of assets and debts was not made at the time of contract formation or if the agreement is unconscionable (extremely unfair to one party). Similarly, both spouses must sign the prenup or marital contract of their own free will. If each party is represented by an attorney, the validity of the document is less likely to be questioned later on.

What Can Post and Prenuptial Agreements Do?

It might be easier to say that about the only issue you can’t take care of with a prenuptial or marital agreement is child support. Beyond that, these agreements can be used to resolve issues of property division, spousal support, child custody, visitation and any number of other things before a divorce can give rise to disputes.

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